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Report: Seahawks assistant coaches ‘free to look elsewhere for jobs’

There’s had been a lot of discussion regarding the security of the jobs of Clint Hurtt and Shane Waldron, and now there is some clarity on that front.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The big news for the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday is, of course, the report and subsequent announcement that the team is moving on from long time head coach Pete Carroll. That move is not all that unexpected, given the lack of postseason success in recent years and the track record of Vulcan when it comes to making coaching changes following a lack of postseason success.

However, no matter how unexpected it was for the Seahawks to move on from Pete Carroll, there has been no shortage of debate regarding whether Seattle should move on from coordinators Shane Waldron and Clint Hurtt. While there is still a ton to learn about the futures of those two, what lies in store became a whole lot clearer according to a report from NFL insider for CBS Jonathan Jones.

So, in short, there will be a new coach and that new coach will get to choose their staff, which means if Hurtt or Waldron or any of the other assistant coaches are to retain their position, it will come after they interview for the position with the new head coach, whoever that may be.

For those wondering what the difference is between firing the coaching staff and allowing them to look elsewhere for jobs, it comes down to guarantees. Coaching contracts are fully guaranteed, subject to offsets should the coach take another position in the NFL. What that means is that firing the entirety of the coaching staff would leave the Seahawks on the hook financially for the future salaries of the staff, even if those coaches take a position as a college or high school coach.

However, by allowing those coaches to seek other positions, it creates a situation where the coach would have to resign in order to take the other position, freeing the team from the financial obligations of the contractual guarantees.