The Pete Years vs the NFL Average

Sad to see Pete reassigned to an advisor role. He always seemed to hang in versus the rest of the NFL but his defense slowly deteriorated over the years and that mainly was the reason the team descended into mediocrity.

Thanks Pete for all the great football over the years! Your ability to lead the team will be missed. Your Superbowl years with the LOB and Beast Mode will always be remembered.

  • The bright Green line is the actual NFL scoring average.
  • Blue line the the Seahawk yearly scoring average
  • Orange line is the Seahawk yearly points allowed
  • The light Blue line is the points allowed vs the NFL average
  • The dark Red line is the points scored vs the NFL average
  • The Black 0.0 line represent the NFL average for the bottom two lines
  • Petevs-NFLave.0.png