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John Schneider to lead Seahawks head coach search, Pete Carroll won’t be involved

Schneider will also have full personnel control.

Seattle Seahawks Press Conference Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The search for the next Seattle Seahawks head coach is underway, and unlike Mike Holmgren, Pete Carroll will not have a handpicked successor.

At Wednesday’s emotional press conference, former coach Pete Carroll—sorry, this is still just surreal to type—told reporters that General Manager John Schneider will hire the next coach, and that he won’t be involved in the process.

Via Seattle Sports 710:

“That will be on Johnny’s docket,” Carroll said when asked about the search for a new head coach. “He’s gonna get after that and make that happen with the help of ownership and all that, and we’ll be supporting them as much as possibly can happen so that they can do a great job with it.”

While Carroll will technically still be part of the organization, he said he won’t be involved in helping find his successor.

“No, I have support to John. I’m supporting John,” he said. “… That’s not my deal. That’s their deal.”

“Moving towards the future, if there’s some way that I can add something to it down the road, we’ll see what happens,” Carroll later said. “But this is a good move for them and John’s gonna take the bull by the horns and roll and I’m so thankful that I get to see him take that next step and watch what he does with it. He’s gonna kick butt.”

As for Carroll’s new role as an advisor? The terms of that role have not yet been defined.

“We’re gonna figure that out. We don’t really know right now,” he said. “But I’m grateful for the intention that the organization has to try to find something that makes sense. So we’ll see. I don’t know.”

Carroll had additionally served as Vice President of Football Operations, but under this set-up it’s going to be John Schneider in charge of the personnel moving forward. For everyone who’s wanted to see Carroll and Schneider essentially decoupled, so to speak, this is your wish come true. Schneider’s contract runs through the 2027 NFL Draft.