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The Open Field: Who do you want as the Seahawks’ next head coach?

Pete Carroll is no longer the Seahawks head coach, now what?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve had a few days to digest that the next game the Seattle Seahawks play will not involve Pete Carroll as head coach. It had to happen eventually, but that it all developed so quickly over the past week has created that shock to the system for a lot of fans.

Now we have the post-Pete era. John Schneider is in charge of finding the next Seahawks head coach. It’s been more than two decades since Seattle had to do an actual head coach search, so we’re in rarely explored territory right now. Here are the four names I suspect have gotten the most attention among Seahawks fans.

Previous Head Coaching Experience: Dan Quinn

The added bonus of being from the Pete Carroll staff. Quinn was the Seahawks DC when they won the Super Bowl, and his Dallas Cowboys defenses have been great. With the Atlanta Falcons, things ended poorly, but he also took them to the Super Bowl and lost through the sheer power of Falconing + Tom Brady and Bill Belichick magic.

No Head Coaching Experience - Offensive-Minded Coach: Ben Johnson

The Jared Goff career revival is owed heavily to both the quality of the Detroit Lions offensive line, as well as offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. Detroit has one of the league’s best offenses, and Johnson is a hot head coaching candidate. There’s been a big desire to have an “offensive-minded” head coach, and he’s one at the top of the list for multiple teams given his successes.

No Head Coaching Experience - Defensive-Minded Coach: Mike MacDonald

The Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator has transformed this unit into one of the best in the NFL. Jadeveon Clowney unceremoniously left the Cleveland Browns last season and had a career year in Baltimore. Kyle Van Noy is reborn as a pass rusher at the age of 32. Kyle Hamilton looks like one of the best safeties in the NFL.

MacDonald is only 36 years old and has been highly regarded both at an NFL and college level. He is connected to Harbaughs Jim and John, and figured to be in line for a head coaching job very soon. Speaking of the Harbaughs...

The Lightning Rod Option - Jim Harbaugh

I mean, it’s probably not happening, but Harbaugh took the 49ers to three straight NFC Championship appearances and made a Super Bowl. He just won the national championship at Michigan after facing legitimate, performance-related job security a few seasons ago. Of course, the championship season was littered with controversy, and Seahawks fans have historically not been the biggest fans of Harbaugh. There is no denying that he can coach, and he will get another NFL job at some point.

I would prefer you have names available when you suggest a Seahawks head coach replacement, but if you can’t think of any and want to be vague, then that’s fine too. Just participate in the comments section!