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Dan Quinn’s Cowboys defense puts up historically bad performance vs. Packers

Future Seahawks head coach Dan Quinn? Probably not after what just happened to the Cowboys defense against the Packers.

NFL: DEC 30 Lions at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is a potential candidate to be the Seattle Seahawks’ next head coach, Sunday’s NFL Wild Card disaster against the Green Bay Packers might have been the ultimate dealbreaker.

Jordan Love and Green Bay’s very young, upstart offense torched Quinn’s defense. It was a stunningly lopsided performance against a Cowboys team that hadn’t lost at home since Week 1 of the 2022 season. Love was 16/21 for 272 yards and 3 touchdowns, looking like a seasoned veteran and not a first-year starter. He was making some great throws but the Cowboys were also allowing Packers receivers to get wide open.

Aaron Jones, one of the few veterans on the Packers offense, rushed for 3 touchdowns and 118 yards against a Dallas defense that has been susceptible to the run throughout the season.

The Cowboys rank highly by DVOA and EPA/play and a lot of other metrics, but that comes with a major caveat. There’s nothing wrong with destroying bad teams and bad quarterbacks, but you also have to actually show up against good offenses and/or quarterbacks. That is absent in this year’s Cowboys unit.

This was also pretty notable given the struggles of the Seattle Seahawks.

The Packers scored 6 touchdowns of their first 7 possessions before shutting it down. Subtracting the pick-6 thrown by Dak Prescott, the Pack had 41 offensive points (with a missed PAT). It’s the 2nd most points the Cowboys have ever allowed under Quinn, and the most at home. Dallas had a fake comeback and lost 48-32, but the game was not that close. It was historically bad for Dallas. Most points allowed in a home playoff game in modern NFL history, and even when you take out the pick-6 it’s still the most points the Cowboys have ever given up in any postseason contest.

Green Bay only ran 54 offensive plays, so they averaged 0.76 offensive points per play.

The Seahawks haven’t had any formal interviews with head coach candidates, in which case Quinn is now available thanks to Dallas’ elimination. I cannot imagine that he’d be a popular choice given this massive embarrassment.