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Seahawks one of 5 teams still looking for head coach after Titans hire Bengals OC

Another vacancy has been filled, but not by a name on the Seahawks’ reported radar.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The latest news in the NFL coaching carousel comes from Nashville. After firing Mike Vrabel, the Tennessee Titans have reportedly hired Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan as their next head coach. Callahan has been Cincinnati’s OC since Zac Taylor took over as the Bengals HC in 2019.

Callahan was not on the Seahawks’ radar (at least not publicly) based on the reported interviews. However, the Titans did interview a few candidates also interviewed by the Seahawks, including Dan Quinn, Mike Kafka, and Bobby Slowik.

There are now five head coaching vacancies in the NFL, pending anything crazy happening with the eliminated Divisional Round teams.

New Coaches

Las Vegas Raiders - Antonio Pierce

Tennessee Titans - Brian Callahan

New England Patriots - Jerod Mayo

Still Vacant

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Los Angeles Chargers

Washington Commanders

Seattle Seahawks

The Falcons and Chargers are eying big-named coaches; both have interviewed Jim Harbaugh, while the Falcons have interviewed Bill Belichick twice. A second Harbaugh interview with Atlanta is planned. I think we can cross Dan Quinn out as a possible Falcons head coach.

Apart from Quinn and Morris, everyone else the Seahawks have interviewed has never been an NFL head coach, which may give us a clue as to what’s the plan, or it could just be a smokescreen. The wait continues, and don’t be surprised if the wait continues into February.