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This Week in Seahawks History: Super Bowl XLVIII media day and Pro Bowl

Are you ready for a weekly blast from the Seahawks teams of the past?

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Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

This will be a weekly article series throughout the season looking back on what happened for the Seattle Seahawks 40, 30, 20, and 10 years ago this week. We’re up to the Super Bowl media day for the 2013 squad. What were people talking about back then? Read on!

40 Years Ago

Finished with a record of 11-8, losing in the AFC Championship game.

30 Years Ago

Finished with a record of 6-10, missed playoffs.

20 Years Ago

Finished with a record of 10-7, losing in the NFC Wild Card round.

10 Years Ago

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day and the Pro Bowl

With a week between the AFC/NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl, all we really have to look at this week is media day.

Not sure how many of these links actually work, but here’s a roundup from…us!

There’s also an official (?) AMA that the Seahawks did on Reddit.

Some highlights from this include Pete Carroll confirming that he chews Bubble Yum, Russell Wilson saying that he might cut his hair after the season, and Jon Ryan revealing that a Canadian Super Bowl Sunday is similar to an American Super Bowl Sunday. Riveting.

Well, I guess one of the interesting storylines was Marshawn Lynch walking out after a few minutes. Beast Mode stayed for as long was necessary to avoid being fined. It’s kind of funny to look back on considering how much of a media darling he is now.

On the Denver Broncos side, Peyton Manning wasn’t ready to talk about his legacy and considered himself in the “middle of his career”. Not true, but he still did have a few more NFL seasons left in the tank.

Broncos coach John Fox reflected on his 2004 Super Bowl loss as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and how he’ll approach the game this time around.

The last thing we’ll go over is the fact that Percy Harvin declared himself ready to play in the Super Bowl. Harvin only suited up for one game in the regular season and then got knocked out of the Divisional round game against the New Orleans Saints with a concussion which caused him to miss the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. Maybe he’ll factor into the Super Bowl somehow?

Before we go, I’ll mention the Pro Bowl. Seattle had six players selected but did not participate as they were playing in the Super Bowl:

-Kam Chancellor

-Marshawn Lynch

-Richard Sherman

-Earl Thomas

-Max Unger

-Russell Wilson

This version of the Pro Bowl was the first one with a “fantasy draft” format instead of AFC vs NFC. Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders were the team captains with Ron Rivera and Chuck Pagano as their respective coaches. Team Rice (coached by Rivera) won the game 22-21. Nick Foles was the Offensive MVP and Derrick Johnson was the Defensive MVP. There were six interceptions and nine sacks. Yeah, there you go.

Next week is the big one as we finally get to look back at Super Bowl XLVIII. You ready?