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Mike Macdonald finally has his interview with the Seahawks

The Ravens defensive coordinator has impressed teams, but hasn’t taken a job yet.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

The Super Bowl matchup may be the exact opposite of what many Seattle Seahawks fans would want, but the results of this week have trended favorably for the team itself.

All indications are that Seattle would have been content, if not a little restless, to wait until the conclusion of the Super Bowl to interview defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald of the Baltimore Ravens. Instead, John Schneider is sitting with him on Tuesday for their first in-person interview.

Ian Rapoport claims that multiple teams have been extremely impressed with Macdonald in interviews.

This would lead one to believe that Macdonald might have been holding out for one of the two best openings outside the Los Angeles Chargers. He’s interviewed with both the Washington Commanders and the Seahawks now and earlier reports have expected Schneider to make a decision quickly this week now that all candidates are available.

Ben Johnson has also been in the mix for both teams this week, but the sprinkling of rumors tip the scales for Johnson to Washington and Macdonald to Seattle. We’ll see if both of those come to fruition this week.

After most of the media put all their chips behind Dan Quinn, it really feels like this is Seattle’s best-case scenario. Having not made a decision while six of the other teams hired coaches not high on Schneider’s list, this week now allows the Seahawks to truly choose their guy.