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Seahawks left off ESPN list of 2023’s most frustrating teams

Bill Barnwell believes that at least 10 teams are more frustrating than Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you’ve found this to be one of the Seattle Seahawks most frustrating seasons - at least during the Pete Carroll era.

I’m betting there are A LOT of hands raised . . .

Bill Barnwell’s hand isn’t one of them though and we know this because he recently ranked the NFL’s top-10 most frustrating teams to watch this year and the Seahawks did not make the list.

Jaw, meet floor.

To be fair, Mr. Barnwell’s criteria may be different from that of the 12s.

For example, in his intro Barnwell mentions that last year’s Super Bowl participants are a combined 20-10 (.667) after Week 16 and both teams had fans booing when their offenses left the field.

Note: After Week 17, the Super Bowl participants are 21-11 (.656)

Barnwell also admits that his rankings start with the “less infuriating” teams and build to “the most hate-watched team in the league”.

So maybe it’s a good thing that Seattle didn’t make the cut.

Here’s Barnwell’s full list and his summary of “the problem” that earned them a spot on his list:

  • No. 10: Carolina Panthers: The stink now and could stink for years to come.
  • No. 9: Los Angeles Chargers: They perennially fail to get the most out of their stars.
  • No. 8: Atlanta Falcons: Imagine if the Golden State Warriors ran their offense through Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli instead of the Splash Brothers.
  • No. 7: Kansas City Chiefs: Their wide receivers can’t catch or get open.
  • No. 6: Buffalo Bills: The offense bogs down or makes fatal mistakes too often.
  • No. 5: Jacksonville Jaguars: They offense is melting down in the red zone.
  • No. 4: Pittsburgh Steelers: The offense wildly fluctuates from week to week and rarely lives up to expectations.
  • No. 3: New York Jets: An oft-incompetent offense fails to hold up its end of the bargain for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.
  • No. 2: New Orleans Saints: A team with otherwise-unfixable problems set its sights low and still came up short.
  • No. 1: Philadelphia Eagles: A fan base with lofty expectations and a roster with meaningful flaws interact to toxic effect.

To me, the Seahawks this season seem to have combined the problems Barnwell identified for the Bills, the Jaguars, and (to a lesser extent) the Steelers, and on top of that, they have consistently rolled out a defense that might be one of Pete Carroll’s biggest coaching failures.

Whether Barnwell thinks so or not, I’d rank the Seahawks as one of this season’s most frustrating teams . . .

. . . regardless of what happens in Week 18.