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The financial impact of Seahawks rookie Devon Witherspoon’s Pro Bowl selection

Oh won’t somebody please think about the fifth-year option...

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks got a stud when they selected Devon Witherspoon in the 2023 NFL Draft. If it wasn’t already clear, he has had a phenomenal rookie season, and the recognition is starting to flow in. This is despite some initial trepidation among fans who watched the team pass on Jalen Carter — the player who was once considered a near-consensus option for the top overall pick. Well, only one of these two players made the Pro Bowl, and his name is Devon Witherspoon. It is wonderful and bodes well for a team that looks to continue their recent success at rebuilding through the draft; however, this could have some salary cap ramifications down the road if Spoon continues his high level of play, according to Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus.

For a basic refresher on how Pro Bowl appearances impact the price tag of exercising the Fifth Year Option, here is a snippet from a Bleacher Nation article that describes it pretty well:

1. Multiple Pro Bowls: Players who made two Pro Bowls on the original ballot (not reserve) will have their base salary equal to the franchise tag tender at their position.

2. One Pro Bowl: Players who made one Pro Bowl on the original ballot have their base salary equal to the transition tag at their position.

For a point of reference, Pro Football Network lists the value of the option in 2023 for cornerbacks at nearly $16M for players with one Pro Bowl and slightly north of $18M for players with two. Given that Devon Witherspoon promptly earned a nod as a rookie, the likelihood that he will get elected to another is seemingly quite high. Which is great, cap hit be darned.