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The Open Field: If the Seahawks make the Wild Card, which team would you want to face?

There are only 3 teams the Seahawks could play in the Wild Card round, should they clinch a postseason spot.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks need a win and a Green Bay Packers loss in order to make the playoffs. These are words I could’ve copied and pasted from a Week 18 article from the 2022 season. Once again, Seattle can do no better than the No. 7 seed, but this year they’d only meet the San Francisco 49ers again in the NFC Divisional.

Suppose the Seahawks actually pull this off and get into the playoffs again. There are only three teams they could possibly face on Wild Card weekend, and the Seahawks have beaten two of them and nearly beat a third.

Detroit Lions - Least likely to get the No. 2 seed by virtue of their controversial loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Seahawks beat Detroit 37-31 in overtime in Week 2, and haven’t lost to the Lions since the 2012 season.

Philadelphia Eagles - Need a win over the New York Giants and a Cowboys loss to the Washington Commanders to recapture the NFC East title. Seattle defeated Philly by a score of 20-17 in Week 15 to end a four-game losing streak. Drew Lock started this game in place of the injured Geno Smith and led a 92-yard, game-winning touchdown drive. The Seahawks have never lost to the Eagles under Pete Carroll.

Dallas Cowboys - Are the No. 2 seed with a win over the Commanders. The Seahawks lost to Dallas in a 41-35 shootout in Week 13. Geno Smith threw for over 300 yards and had 4 touchdowns in a losing effort. The Seattle defense forced zero punts.

The Cowboys haven’t lost at home since Week 1 of 2022. The Eagles have home losses to both NFC West teams they’ve played this year. The Lions have already lost to Seattle at home and their pass defense has been a liability all season. These are all winnable games in theory, although a Lions rematch terrifies me now that Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam Laporta are fully immersed in the offense.

Should the Seahawks make the Wild Card round, which team among this group of three would you want to face? If your whole belief is that you want the Seahawks to miss the playoffs or that you think they’ll miss, then there is no point in participating in this thread. We have other articles already written and more articles to come for an airing of grievances.

Have at it in the comments section!