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Seahawks Week 18 rooting guide: Playoff positioning and draft positioning

We explore multiple angles for Seahawks fans’ rooting interests.

Syndication: The Post-Crescent Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

There’s one more week of NFL regular season football to go, and only five of 14 playoff seedings are locked in. Plenty of teams will have something to play for this weekend, including the Seattle Seahawks, who once again need help in order to get the 7th and final playoff spot in the NFC. Alternatively, maybe you have an eye on the draft pick situation on multiple fronts for Seattle. We’ll cover that, too!

Here’s the situation in the NFC Wild Card race:

Wild Card

5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5, clinched playoff berth)

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-7, clinched playoff berth)

7. Green Bay Packers (8-8, strength of victory tiebreaker on SEA, head-to-head on NO)

Not in Wild Card, mathematically still alive

8. Seattle Seahawks (8-8, conference record tiebreaker on NO)

9. New Orleans Saints (8-8)

10. Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

What must happen for the Seahawks - The Basic Way

Seahawks over Arizona Cardinals


Chicago Bears over Green Bay Packers

A tie IS good enough but ties haven’t happened this season.

The Complicated Way

  • Seahawks tie + Packers loss + Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss or tie vs. Carolina Panthers OR
  • Seahawks tie + Packers loss + New Orleans Saints loss or tie vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Seahawks can only play one of three teams in the Wild Card round: Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, or Detroit Lions. This rooting guide is totally up to you.

If you want the Cowboys...

The Cowboys just need to beat the Commanders to lock up the No. 2 seed.

If you want the Eagles...

The Eagles must beat the New York Giants and the Cowboys need to lose to the Commanders.

If you want the Lions...

The Lions must beat the Minnesota Vikings, while both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles lose their respective games to the Washington Commanders and New York Giants.

If you want a better third-round pick...

Atlanta Falcons over New Orleans Saints

This result eliminates the Saints from postseason contention and thus ensures that the Seahawks will be getting a third-round pick from either them or the Denver Broncos in a non-playoff slot.

Las Vegas Raiders over Denver Broncos

Jarrett Stidham is still starting, so you’re not rooting against Russell Wilson. The Saints and Broncos both finishing 8-9 would be the best possible outcome.

If you’re rooting for the Seahawks to lose and want the highest possible first-round pick...

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos over Las Vegas Raiders

Cincinnati Bengals over Cleveland Browns

All three results guarantee that, with a loss, the Seahawks will have at least the No. 13 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. I do not believe that it is possible for Seattle to pick in the top-10, and there are too many results to think about plus strength of schedule tiebreakers for that to be worth investigating.

I believe the Minnesota Vikings over the Detroit Lions, via strength of schedule tiebreaker, would also benefit the Seahawks in case of a loss. They might even get the No. 12 overall pick, for all we know!

There you have it! Something for everyone. Playoff rooting guide? Got it. Draft rooting guide? Got it. See you Sunday.