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2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cardinals 1st Quarter game thread

Win or go home.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Seattle Seahawks have a really good track record of winning on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. They also have a bad track record of key players getting injured on that cursed field. We were fortunate that this didn’t happen in 2022, but who knows what lies ahead for Seattle this season?

Seattle could’ve been in a pure “win-and-in” situation. As you know, the Seahawks botched that badly last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so the Seahawks must get a win over Arizona and a loss (or tie!) by the Green Bay Packers to return to the playoffs. A loss is the end, a tie creates some complex situations dependent on other results, but realistically they would be cooked.

At least show some pride. Show a level of play much more acceptable than what we saw last Sunday.


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