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Packers clinch playoff spot and eliminate the Seahawks

Don’t talk about playoffs, because the Seahawks won’t be there

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Whelp. That was a fun season, but the Seattle Seahawks will be watching the playoffs from home. The team performed admirably under Geno Smith as they looked to repeat their improbable postseason appearance from 2022, the cards simply didn’t fall in their favor this year when they needed them to. The Green Bay Packers just finished taking down the Chicago Bears, which officially eliminated the Seahawks from the playoffs. So there you have it.

The Hawks escaped almost-certain doom in 2022 when the Detroit Lions begrudgingly delivered a gift to the city of Seattle in the form of a gritty Week 18 win over the Packers; fate would not be so kind this year. Also, fate had very little to do with it, as the Seahawks simply lost too many games during the second half of the season. They were not simply the victims of circumstance; they made their own bed, and now they have to sleep in it while the playoffs blare on their TV in the background.

The way the NFC playoff picture is shaking out right now, the Packers hold the 6th seed in the NFC, which would mean a trip to Michigan to take on the Detroit Lions in an NFC North grudge match. The Seahawks’ loss to the Cardinals

9-8 was good enough to squeak in last year, even in a weak NFC the Hawks could not squeak together enough wins to make the postseason. An optimistic take would be that this is similar to Pete Carroll’s initial tenure in the Northwest when the team posted back-to-back 7-9 records, leading to a historic playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints. The flipside, however, is that making it to the playoffs has started to feel all too familiar — as has losing on Wild Card Weekend.