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‘Long live the Seahawks’ - Social media reacts to Seattle missing the playoffs

What a long, excruciating trip it has been.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Don’t let anybody ever try to tell you that the Pete Carroll-era of Seattle Seahawks football hasn’t been exciting. Too exciting, maybe. But too exciting is better than boring any day, and even a low-scoring battle against the Arizona Cardinals still never fail to bring at least something eye-popping to the table. Yes, we are all disappointed that this is the end of the road. Yes, it feels like this team could have pulled through in a few key moments and the entire dynamic of this season could shifted. And yes, it also feels like this squad was a few more pieces away from being true competitors than a lot of us wanted to believe.

These things (and many more) can all be said about these 2023 Seahawks, and things will continue to be said about them well into the offseason (and beyond). There are plenty of question marks, to be sure, but for the moment, I am simply happy that we got to see one final win on the season, and a lot of fans are sharing that moment together right now, because we won’t have another one until next fall!

First, a dose of reality is good, every now and then.

Also, facts:

And now, a touch of levity.

And now, to celebrate the anniversary of arguably my favorite non-Super Bowl moment in Seahawks history...