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Seahawks sign Levi Bell, Matt Gotel & five others to future contracts

With the 2023 season finished, the practice squad has been dissolved, and the Hawks prevented seven practice squad members from hitting free agency by signing them to future contracts.

NFL: Preseason-Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 season is in the books for the Seattle Seahawks, and their 9-8 record was not quite good enough to qualify for the postseason. As such, on Monday the practice squad that had been formed after the conclusion of training camp was dissolved, making the members of the squad free agents.

Thus, in order to prevent seven young players who spent all or part of the 2023 season on the practice squad from hitting free agency, the Seahawks signed those players to future contracts.

The seven players signed to future contracts were:

  • Levi Bell
  • Matt Gotel
  • Bryant Koback
  • Tyler Mabry
  • Jonathan Sutherland
  • Cody White
  • Easop Winston Jr.

For those wondering what a future contract is, it is effectively a placeholder contract for the 2024 season. With the 2023 season finished, any contract that would be signed right now would expire at the end of the league year on March. A future contract is simply a contract for a future league year, in this case 2024.