It's going to happen this year

Below I've quoted a post I made prior to last year's season. I think everything I said at that time about the defense was accurate, but Hurtt couldn't pull it off. The problem was Hurtt made things too complicated for the players. I feel confident Macdonald will make it happen this year. I do believe he will be doing so without Diggs or Adams.

I like where the coaches appear to be going with this defense. It seems they have purposely acquired players that will provide maximum positional and situational flexibility. I think they are serious about Witherspoon in the slot. Having both Witherspoon and Adams/Love in position to blitz as well as provide run support will put pressure on offenses.

Converting Bryant to safety may turn out to be a brilliant move. He doesn't have the speed of elite corners, but he's a ball-hawk with coverage skills. He might be the perfect backup to Diggs.

Not that I think those moves are permanent. I think Hurtt intends to mix-and-match based on what challenges the offense presents.

I also like the idea of playing Reed at NT. He has pass rush potential that neither Monet nor Woods could provide, while Monet, Young and Adams are providing situational rotation and relief, giving Hurtt the same flexibility with the DL he has with the secondary. The OLBs offer more of the same.

If Hurtt can do for this defense what Waldren has done with the offense, the Seahawks are going to flat out shock the world.