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Report: Giants block Mike Kafka from potential move to Seahawks

It doesn’t look like Mike Kafka will be the Seahawks’ next offensive coordinator.

New York Giants v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Well that was short-lived.

New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka was reportedly on the Seattle Seahawks’ radar to become their OC and play-caller, but the Giants have hit the block button on any interview.

Kafka has already twice interviewed for the Seahawks head coaching job, which obviously went to Mike Macdonald. He couldn’t be blocked from a head coaching position, which is why the Giants had no choice but to let him speak with the Seahawks. However, even if he’s not the play-caller for New York, OC to OC is still a lateral move and the Giants are contractually able to block any interview requests. In case you’re curious on a possible loophole, giving him an assistant head coach title like Leslie Frazier would also not be enough.

I suppose Kafka could just resign like defensive coordinator Wink Martindale did, but it’s not like he is an undeniable lock for the Seahawks job, and nearly every offensive coordinator position elsewhere is filled. Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s not as contractually simple as “resign from old job, immediately take new job from team courting you.”

Update: Our own John P. Gilbert confirms as such.

John P. Gilbert
This is correct.
He signed a personal services contract to coach for a certain number of seasons, and he is free to resign and coach in college or high school, but if he tries to resign and then move to another NFL team, he can't because the Giants own the rights to his services, so upon attempting to return to the league he would be required to return to the Giants and finish out his contract before being able to coach anywhere else in the NFL.

Seattle has also shown reported interest in Detroit Lions pass-game coordinator Tanner Engstrand and former Washington Huskies offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb.