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2024 Pro Bowl: How to Watch, TV schedule, open thread

See some Seahawks one last time on a football field this season.

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NFL: Pro Bowl Media & Practice Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, the Pro Bowl still exists. This is the second year in a row with the reworked, reimagined skills competition + flag football finale. There are a few Seattle Seahawks players in competition, so consider this your to watch any Seahawks players in a football game until next preseason.

What time is the Pro Bowl?

The 2024 Pro Bowl begins live on ESPN and ABC at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT from Orlando on February 4. The conclusion of the Skills Competition is also on here. If you missed Thursday’s action, Geno Smith put up 20 points in the precision passing contest, but Baker Mayfield beat C.J. Stroud in the final to win the competition. The NFC and AFC split the points in dodgeball, and some other stuff happened.

How can I watch?

You flick on ABC or ESPN on your cable/satellite subscription or streaming service (Hulu, Fubo, Sling, YouTube TV, etc). You can also watch on ESPN+. So many ways to watch the Pro Bowl. SO MANY.

What are the flag football rules?

From last year, here’s what the Bleacher Report article tells me:

Seven-on-seven featuring skill players

Each team may have one center

50-yard field with 10-yard end zones

No Run Zone beginning at the opponent’s 5-yard line

20-minute games (two 10-minute halves)

25-second play clock

Running clock besides the final two minutes of each half

Clock stops on an incomplete pass, score, timeout, penalty or change of possession in the final two minutes of each half

Touchdowns worth six points; teams can then do a one-point conversion from the 3-yard line or a two-point conversion from the 10-yard line

The starting score for the final game will be determined based on the scores from the skills challenges and the 12 points at stake from the first two flag football games. I trust you won’t need the calculator app on your phone for this one.

Seahawks in the Pro Bowl

Geno Smith - Quarterback

DK Metcalf - Wide Receiver

Bobby Wagner - Linebacker

Nick Bellore - Special Teams (probably won’t be playing in the flag football game)

Julian Love - Safety

Devon Witherspoon - Cornerback

(Full rosters here!)

Have a blast in the comments section!