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Field Gulls Q&A Mailbag: New Seahawks head coach + Super Bowl week edition!

Submit your post-Mike Macdonald hiring Seahawks (and Super Bowl!) questions right here!

Seattle Seahawks Introduce Mike Macdonald as Head Coach Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have a new head coach, and there’s a lot of praise and excitement over the hiring of Mike Macdonald. You know what would be even better? A San Francisco 49ers loss in next Sunday’s Super Bowl, but I’m not exactly hopeful that we’ll see that happen. Would you rather stomach a 49ers Super Bowl win if it means the Seahawks can win at least one at some point during Mike Macdonald’s tenure?

Wait a minute... I’m not supposed to be asking you the questions. You’re supposed to ask ME! This is the return of the Field Gulls Mailbag, and this is your hub to ask whatever questions you have about the Seahawks or even the 49ers-Chiefs rematch. I’ll be working Super Bowl coverage on main this week so I will be a bit busier than normal, but the goal is to answer your questions in written form and not in a video.

If there are particular questions you want answered, press the rec button for greater visibility.

Reminder: If you have multiple questions, PLEASE put those questions in separate comments. Do not write 5-6 questions in one comment, because I will be embedding your comments in the response post.