Horizontal Board Draft from SDB Horrifies PFF

Mock Draft Goes Against the Grain of Pro-Football Focus

The 2024 Mock Draft Season has begun. I love the exercise of drafting every day to see how my choices evolve as we get more information from the Senior Bowl, the combine in late February, pro day(s) as well as dozen's of Mock Drafts across the Internet. Its not an exact science or even a good guess at this early stage, but it can be informative on how your Mock Drafts evolve with more information.

The Mock Draft sites have really come alive. I routinely use the PFF Mock Draft tool for my drafts, its quick, convenient, and a fun to draft. Drafting is a fun way to get to know players, other teams needs and of course the needs of the Seahawks.

It's anyone's guess as to what JS will do this year in the draft. I would think that the last two years drafts more closely resemble Schneiders draft board than previous drafts. The 2024 draft could confirm the last two years were closer in resembling John's wishes over Pete's.

One of the best Draft Blogs for Seattle Fans has been Rob Staton's Seattle Draft Blog. Rob has been consistently correct about what the Seahawks are looking for in draft prospects as well as player, position, and round. This isn't an advertisement for SDB but rather an acknowledgement of his knowledge and research going into each Pro-Football Draft.

SDB's best tool is the Horizontal Board. It rates draft prospects by round with some players highlighted that Staton thinks would be of particular interest to the 'Hawks front office for the 2024 Draft. The fun comes when you compare SDB's Horizontal Board with PFF's Big Board to realize that PFF hasn't compiled all of their analysis compared to Staton's Board.

The focus of this Mock Draft is to draft According to SDB's Horizontal Board (2.0) as a reference for predicator of the actual draft in April. Hopefully, my early drafts will reveal who's Big Board or Horizontal Board is ultimately better.

SDB Horizontal Board Mock Draft 1.0 - No High Round QB

Needs: I set our needs at LB, Edge, Interior O-Line, TE & Safety. I was also looking at WR3 as I think Tyler Lockett will be released. I did not rule out trades but also won't draft a QB higher than the 5th round. Go Geno!

Trade: Right off the bat I traded with Green Bay exchanging Seattle's #16 pick (1000 Value Points) for GB's #20 (850 points), #84 (170 points), and GB's 6th Round pick at #198 (12 points) for a total pick-up of 1032 value points.

R1 Pick: #20 - Jared Verse (Florida State) Edge: Verse dropped to #20 for some reason. He has great tools, with good size at 6'3 260. He recorded 11 sacks for FSU. PFF Ranking: #15 SBD: 1st Rounder - PFF Grade for the pick: A+

R3 Pick #78 - Payton Wilson (North Carolina State) LB: Wilson is 6'3 & 238 lbs. He can play on the line and goes inside well. He can play MB as well as off the ball. PFF Ranking: #84 - SDB: 1st Rounder - Projected Seahawks Pick - PFF Grade C.

R3 Pick #81 - Cooper Beebe (Kansas State) OG: Beebe is 6'4 335. We need quickness, power, strength and size to replace Lewis. Beebe is that and so much more. Rated highly in all three seasons with Kansas State. PFF Ranking #98 - SDB: 2nd Rounder - PFF Grade C+

R3 Pick #84 - Theo Johnson (Penn State) TE: Johnson is a massive 6'6 264. 34 receptions on 45 Targets with 7 TD's. If we release Dissly and re-sign Colby Parkinson Johnson can be a great addition. PFF Ranking #162 - SDB: 2nd Rounder - PFF Grade F

R4 Pick #118 - Beau Brade (Maryland) Safety: Brade is a hard hitter playing deep and in the box. At 6'1 210 he can fly, cover, and hit hard. Remind you of anyone? PFF Ranking: #136 - SDB: 3rd Round - PFF Grade C-

R5 Pick #154 - Luke McCaffery (Rice) WR: McCaffery at 6'2 195#'s had 13 TD's to go with almost 1000 yards for his Senior Season. He may be the WR3 or WR4 with Bobo! PFF Ranking #163 - SDB: 3rd Round (SDB cites the 2024 Draft as very deep for WR's). PFF Grade: C

R6 Pick#194 - Frank Gore Jr. (Southern Miss) RB/HB - With over 2500 yards on the ground and an ability to catch the ball I would love to have a fourth RB to compete for the 3rd Down slot. Gore is tough and fast at 5/8 & 195#'s. PFF Ranking #197 - SDB: 5th - 7th Round - PFF Grade: C+

R6 Pick #198 - Roger Rosengarten (UW) OT - 6'6 300#'s as a member of the best line in College Football. Rosengarten was too good to pass up. Could move inside to compete for a starting role at OG. PFF Ranking: #241 - SDB: 2nd Round - PFF Grade: D-

R7 Pick #236 - Taulia Tagovailoa (Maryland) QB - 5'11 208#'s - Schneider likes QB's and projects. Taulia played for the past three years with over 10,000 yards, 69 TD's, completion % over 67%, 10 INT's per year. He could be on the Practice Squad for a few years or surprise us all. PFF Ranking: #220 - SDB: 5th - 7th Round - PFF Grade B.

Overall Draft Grade: B. I get 5 C's, one D, and one F yet I pull out a solid B overall. I wish Highschool was like this.

Time will tell if this is a better indicator than PFF. Next up Mock 2.0 with PFF's Big Board driving my picks over the Horizontal Board by SDB.

Go Hawks!