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Casual Friday open thread: What’s on your Super Bowl gameday menu?

Let’s talk food again.

Slice House pizzeria in Thousand Oaks Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Welcome to Casual Friday, the off-topic open thread where we discuss things not related to the Seattle Seahawks.

I suppose this theme could be sort of Seahawks-adjacent given Seattle has made the Super Bowl three times, but that’s not the case this year. Some of you may be flicking over to the Puppy Bowl or doing household chores or diving into a viper pit instead of watching the San Francisco 49ers possibly win a championship, but the Super Bowl is a global phenomenon and hundreds of millions will be watching.

When the big game is on, virtually all of us have our favorite snacks and meals prepped for entertaining family, friends, and people we usually have no interest in watching football with.

What’s your typical Super Bowl menu look like? Pizzas? Tacos? Chicken wings? Nachos and dip? What are the Super Bowl beers of choice? Tell us all in the comments section.

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