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Pre-Snap Reads 6/30: Seahawks hoping new scheme helps Jamal Adams


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For K.J. Wright, it’s either a Seahawks reunion or retirement

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SB Nation Reacts: What will the crowd reception be like for Russell Wilson’s return?

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It’s a contract year for the 2019 Seahawks draft class

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Market for a DK Metcalf extension not getting more friendly for Seahawks

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Charity game at Climate Pledge Arena peaked with Michael Bennett at the scorer’s table

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Looking at which player is most likely to lead the Seahawks in sacks

Seahawks did not hold the Edge in free agency

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Pre-Snap Reads 6/26: Jacob Eason and the battle for QB2


Just like in 2009, every Broncos loss is a win for the Seahawks

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Where Seahawks might add to roster between now and training camp

Seahawks report to training camp on July 26th

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The Field Gulls Seahawks FanShop

Seahawks fantasy football & odds analysis

Details on Bryan Mone’s contract extension

SB Nation Reacts: How many games will the Seahawks win in 2022?

Pre-Snap Reads 6/23: Why Seahawks getting sold within next two years is unlikely


Seahawks waive Pier-Olivier Lestage, make Bryan Mone extension official

The Seahawks could drop a lot of close games in 2022

Geno Smith could culminate the Seahawks’ fixation on a horrible draft

Russell Wilson was outschemed by Cover-4 last year

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Report: Russell Wilson wanted Schotty fired

Geno Smith or Drew Lock, who should start?

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Report: Seahawks extend DT Bryan Mone

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A way too early 53 man roster projection for Seahawks defense

Which Seahawks rookie CB is better suited to being an immediate starter?

Pre-Snap Reads 6/19: Pete Carroll says Seahawks in ‘good shape’ at quarterback


A way too early 53 man roster projection for Seahawks offense

Pete Carroll’s 4th down decisions hurt Michael Dickson’s stats

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