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Pre-Snap Reads 12/4: Seahawks drop out of playoffs after tough weekend


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Seahawks open as double-digit underdogs in rematch vs. 49ers

Seattle was shellacked by the 49ers at home on Thanksgiving. Can they put up a better fight in the road rematch?

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Seahawks have almost everything go wrong, are probably screwed

The Rams are hot, the Seahawks are not.

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‘Sunday Night Football’ open thread: Chiefs at Packers

Want to make the playoffs? A Chiefs win will help the Seahawks.

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2023 NFL Season: Week 13 TV coverage maps, commentators, and open thread

Enjoy a Seahawks-free NFL Sunday! Some big games with playoff implications in both conferences.

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The latest Geno Smith incentives progress check

Seattle’s QB1 could earn up to $15M in incentives this year, but will he?

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Seahawks snap counts vs. Cowboys: Abe Lucas plays 41 snaps in return

Lucas was in and out of the rotation in just his second game of the season.

How far away do you think the Seahawks are from Super Bowl contention?

It’s been a long time since the Seahawks were legit Super Bowl contenders.

12 Thoughts on what was another gut-wrenching Seahawks loss

This time around, there are zero thoughts about anything that isn’t Seahawks-specific.

Can you lose a game in the 4th quarter?!

Seattle’s defense has had opportunities to protect leads over the past month. It’s not gone well.

Join the Field Gulls 2023 Survivor contest

Field Gulls is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

Why the NFL should take another look at its pass interference rules

It’s time for the league to reconsider their stance on pass interference.

Seahawks fans, get the Seaspoon t-shirt from BreakingT today!

The Seahawks found a baller in Devon Witherspoon with the fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and now you can get your Seaspoon t-shirt from BreakingT.

Pre-Snap Reads 12/2: News and Notes from the Land of the ‘Hawks


Video: Michael Penix Jr channels his inner Geno Smith in post-game speech

The Washington Huskies were 9.5-point underdogs to the Oregon Ducks. Michael Penix Jr and the Huskies wrote back.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Casual Friday open thread: Your November Ws, plus Oregon vs. Washington!

It’s the last Pac-12 title game ever!

Jamal Adams posts, deletes classless, pathetic social media insult

Not cool, Jamal. Not cool at all.

Pete Carroll provides injury updates on Jordyn Brooks, Zach Charbonnet

Neither Seahawks player’s status for Week 14 against the 49ers is known.

NFL Week 13: Sunday NFL picks and Seahawks playoff rooting guide

The 49ers play a huge road game against the Eagles, but they aren’t the only won with pivotal game this Sunday,

Seahawks playoff odds are tumbling down

Moral victories are not actual victories.

Jason Myers: Highly paid, highly inconsistent

Not what you want out of one of the highest paid placekickers in the league.

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Seattle Seahawks 2023 offseason tracker: Free agency, trades, news, more

Everything you need to know about NFL free agency and the Seahawks 2023 offseason.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys was historic

This is not something you see very often in any era of the NFL.

Seahawks by the Numbers: How fast was DK, how good was 3rd down, and more

Check out some of the interesting statistics from the team’s final Thursday night game.

Post-Snap Reads 12/1: Seahawks offense comes alive, defense rolls over in loss to Cowboys


Cigar Thoughts, Game 12: thisclose

The Seattle Seahawks dropped a wild one in Dallas, losing 41-35 to the Cowboys and falling to 6-6 in the process

Winners and Losers from Cowboys 41, Seahawks 35

There are no winners on the defensive side of the ball.

Seahawks left Micah Parsons alone on purpose

From the makers of "Let’s leave Noah Fant 1-on-1 with Nick Bosa..."

‘Seahawks need to clean house’ - Fans react to Seattle’s devastating loss to Cowboys

Game over, man. Game over.

Cowboys 41, Seahawks 35: No more defending this defense

The Seahawks offense came to play. The defense did not.

Zach Charbonnet doubtful with knee injury

Already missing starting running back Ken Walker, rookie Zach Charbonnet is doubtful to return against the Cowboys

Watch: DK Metcalf gets the hat trick!

Metcalf is having a pretty, pretty good game.

2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cowboys 4th Quarter game thread

Seahawks lead 28-27 with a quarter left.

2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cowboys 3rd Quarter game thread

The Seahawks are winning! THE SEAHAWKS ARE WINNING!

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DK Metcalf learning sign language to talk trash is the funniest bit in the NFL

DK Metcalf said ‘standing on business’ in sign language after Thursday Night Football touchdown

Devin Bush is in for Jordyn Brooks, probable to return

Jordyn Brooks was seen helmet-less and headed to the locker room, but it may be good news after all

Watch! Zach Charbonnet scores his first career touchdown!

The Seahawks are keeping it close, at least in the first half thanks to more touchdowns than they have scored in weeks.

The Field Gulls Seahawks FanShop

2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cowboys 2nd Quarter game thread

10-7 Cowboys after an entertaining opening quarter.

Watch! DK Metcalf hauls in a 73 yard TD!

The Seahawks have an early lead on a quick score on their first possession!

2023 NFL Season: Seahawks vs. Cowboys 1st Quarter game thread

It’s about time the Seahawks start winning games again.

Ken Walker and Dee Eskridge inactive for Seahawks

A pair of offensive weapons drafted in the second round both missing the game against the Cowboys due to injury.