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John has written about the Seahawks for Field Gulls since 2013. Over the years he's filled a number of roles on the site, from moderating to editing to proofreading and any odd job in between. A fan of all Seattle sports, he really wants the Sonics to hurry back home, and soon.

Field Gulls predicts the 2023 Seahawks season

How far will the Seahawks go this season? The Field Gulls staff makes its predictions.

2023 Seahawks season: If it all goes right!

Follow-up to the downer post from a couple days ago. Guess what? More wins this time.

2023 Seahawks season: If it all goes wrong...

First part in a two-part two-outcome series on the 2023 Seahawks. This one’s definitely the worst part

Snakebit Seahawks draft class has to wait to bite back

A string of injuries is delaying the influx of talent that might make the Seahawks real contenders.

Oh where, oh where has my little homefield advantage gone?

Qwest-Clink-Lumen used to be a proper fortress. But now...

Pete Carroll vs. the challenge flag, Part 2

All active coaches have now entered the chat.

Pete Carroll vs. the challenge flag, Part 1

Has he earned the right to throw it whenever?

Seahawks lead the charge in infusing Seattle sports with young stars

Look out, decade.

The case against second-round running backs, only freshly made

Terms not to be found anywhere below: "positional value" or "running backs don’t matter"

Field Gulls: Meet the staff!

Don’t know who’s on the Field Gulls team? Now you do!