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Tyler is a Washington native and has covered the Seahawks since 2019. He has a background in writing and public speaking, and is incredibly grateful for the team and position at Field Gulls, where he trends towards Op-Ed and player profile pieces. He is the proud owner of a reluctant Doug Baldwin autograph.

Geno’s not getting cut

The team informed Geno that he will not be released before Friday.

Coach Macdonald set up for a fast start, the real test comes next

What’s a reasonable expectation for Seattle’s newest coach in his first season?

Mike Macdonald and John Schneider give dynasty vibes

The future is incredibly bright with these two at the helm, and two new directions stand out from the initial introduction.

Mike Macdonald finally has his interview with the Seahawks

The Ravens defensive coordinator has impressed teams, but hasn’t taken a job yet.

On culture: John’s not looking for the next Pete

One line from John Schneider’s press conference has really given the head coach conversation a spin it didn’t need to be given.

Reacts Results: Out with the Drew, in with the new?

The Seahawks have only drafted two quarterbacks under John Schneider. Will this year be three?

How did Devon Witherspoon’s rookie year stack up to last year’s best?

Witherspoon’ stats were remarkable in more than one facet of defense.

John Schneider better nail this draft

As Pete Carroll said, "Johnny" finally gets to have full control of the team, which makes this his first draft to showcase his true philosophy.

The 5 players most affected by whoever the next coach is

The Seahawks have decisions to make, to be sure, but so do several of the players.

DK Metcalf’s postseason receiving record broken this weekend

The season is over for the Rams rookie sensation, but what a year it was.