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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday

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Thank god it's TGIF.



E-W Shrine Week Review - All Star Circuit -
Rather than breakdown the East and West rosters position by position, I decided to take this review a different way. Honestly, after the first day it was fairly obvious who the prospects were that had a chance to impress this week. Those players put on consistent performances each day, standing out in individual and team drills. With that said, these rankings are not based solely on this event (as you will see with some prospects that had "down" weeks), but rather how I rank the prospects moving forward. All postseason practices and games are used as an extra exposure, as complementary pieces, not the backbone of an evaluation. - Seahawks appear poised to move Flynn
If the right offer comes around, expect the Seahawks to be willing to part with backup QB Matt Flynn. Everything we’ve heard from around the league matches what GM John Schneider said on a radio show — that the team would have to field calls for Flynn if they came in.

Something is better than nothing | National Football Post
Zach Miller (TE)-Seattle Seahawks: Miller has primarily been a blocking tight end with Seattle since signing a five-year, $34 million contract ($17 million in guarantees) in 2011. That type of money is usually reserved for pass catching tight ends. His eight catches for 142 yards against the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional playoff round was his most productive game with the Seahawks. In two seasons with Seattle, Miller has caught 63 passes for 629 yards. His Seattle receiving totals are less than his 2009 season with the Oakland Raiders in which he had 66 receptions and 805 receiving yards.

NFP Reviews The East West Shrine Game Practices | National Football Post
Russ Lande offer his thoughts on the players who helped themselves the most at East West Practices.

Seahawks work quickly to replace Gus Bradley; Rod Marinelli to leave the Bears | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley accepted the head coaching position with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday morning and Pete Carroll wasted little time finding his replacement. The Seahawks announced on Thursday afternoon that University of Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will replace Bradley as the team's defensive coordinator.

espnW53rd Man -- Tight end Sean McGrath waits his turn with Seattle Seahawks - espnW
Sean McGrath has dreamed of being an NFL player since he was in fourth grade and didn't let a few speed bumps slow him down. With four games under his belt with the Seattle Seahawks, the future looks promising.

Already good, Seahawks defense looking to get even better
After losing defensive coordinator Gus Bradley to the Jaguars on Thursday, the Seahawks acted quickly in replacing him with Dan Quinn. Now the focus switches to finding players to spark the pass rush.

Bradley moves out, Quinn moves in, Schneider speaks " Seahawks Draft Blog
No time to sleep? Pete Carroll might as well adopt Russell Wilson’s motto from now on. Almost immediately after Gus Bradley was named the new Head Coach at Jacksonville, Dan Quinn was confirmed as the teams replacement defensive coordinator.

Mock draft Wednesday’s: 16th January " Seahawks Draft Blog
We now know the Seahawks will pick 25th overall. We also know Pete Carroll wants to improve the pass rush. Interestingly, John Schneider appeared on ESPN 710 this morning and chipped in with some thoughts of his own. We’ll go into this in more detail tomorrow, but here are the highlights: - Schneider mentioned it was a superior group of receivers compared to last years draft - He talked up the offensive line talent at the top of the first round - He also mentioned that there were some ‘unique’ defensive lineman available - Schneider says he finds the crop of junior linebackers ‘impressive’

The three most surprising Seahawks - Seahawks News -
I love to be surprised. At age 48, not much does, but when it happens I find it to be one of the great treasures in life.

NFL Films Blog " Blog Archive ‘NFL Films Presents’: Best Shots of 2012 "
Relive the best moments from an incredible regular season through the eyes of NFL Films.

Examining the Seattle Seahawks 2013 Regular Season Schedule | Bleacher Report
Every season it seems like at least one new team goes from a middle of the road franchise to an organization on the rise. And this year was no different as Russell Wilson and company shocked all the naysayers by going 11-5...

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Welcome to the Desert of the Real
Imagine something that you've wanted for as long as you can remember. Imagine that it's something unique and irreplaceable, with intensely personal significance to YOU. It cannot be purchased with any amount of money. You've got that picture in you mind now, right?

Frank Gore was initially skeptical of 49ers' read-option -
"I felt that's not real football, at first," Gore said Thursday in The Oakland Tribune. "But it's helping us to where we want to go, and win it all."

Atlanta Falcons need to run over San Francisco 49ers -
It's hard to find many holes in the San Francisco 49ers. One slight concern: The team was occasionally bowled over on the ground. Can the Atlanta Falcons exploit the Niners? To the tape!

NFP Reviews The East West Shrine Game Practices | National Football Post
Russ Lande offer his thoughts on the players who helped themselves the most at East West Practices.

On The Quad: SEC powers to lose top DCs? | National Football Post
The Gators and the Bulldogs have coordinators in demand.

Please comment: First-team NFL HCs with no prior NFL experience
Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that Oregon’s Chip Kelly would be their new head coach. In November, I provided my thoughts on Kelly and Chris Brown wrote his definitive piece on Kelly’s offensive system, a must read.

Previewing the NFC Championship Game: San Francisco at Atlanta
A couple of interesting notes, courtesy of Mike Sando on The first is a good bit of trivia: Jim Harbaugh joins George Seifert, Barry Switzer and Rex Ryan as the only head coaches to reach the AFC or NFC Championship Game in each of their first two seasons as an NFL head coach. The second piece of information provides a possible clue as to how the game might unfold for Atlanta. Including the playoffs, the Falcons have allowed 8.9 yards per rush to quarterbacks this season, the worst rate in the NFL (excluding kneel downs).

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Film Room: Conference Championships
Now that all the silly talk about Matt Ryan’s poise in the postseason has (hopefully) been put to rest, everyone can (hopefully) look at the Falcons with an analytical eye. Their success against Seattle derived predominantly from their success on the ground. That was impressive; not many teams have run the ball down Seattle’s throat this year. The question is: can Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers recreate the magic against an even stingier Niners run defense? Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will certainly give it a whirl, but he shouldn’t count on it.

NFLPA again says players would accept MLB-style HGH testing | ProFootballTalk
Last Friday, the NFL and NFLPA demonstrated via a quick back-and-forth that they finally have reached an agreement regarding HGH testing. Sort of. In short, each side believes that if the other acted more like its baseball counterparts, the NFL would have HGH testing.

Conference Title Week Matchups - Matchups -
Evan Silva analyzes the on-field Matchups for Sunday's AFC and NFC title games, and picks two winners.

The Curse of the Quarterback Middle Class - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
The thought had lingered all weekend — for the past couple weekends, actually — but it took Matt Schaub’s trip to Foxborough for it to take hold. Houston had just completed another seven-yard pass on a third-and-8, and as it became clear that the Texans’ tailspin would end with nothing more than a death rattle, I wondered whether this was it for Matt Schaub.

Studying the Raw Materials of Chip Kelly’s Up-Tempo Offense | Smart Football
ith Chip Kelly going to the Eagles, there’s been much hand wringing about whether Chip Kelly’s offense will work in the NFL, whether he’ll bring it to Philly verbatim, and so on. I honestly don’t know the definitive answer – I am not sure Chip does — but I’m certainly looking forward to watching. Nevertheless, I expect Kelly to evolve his offense and, more importantly, tailor it to the personnel he has in Philadelphia. But whether it will work will probably be as much a function of things unrelated to the offense, like the mastery of the roster, drafting and salary caps, his ability to coach, train and teach professional versus college players, and how he generally adapts to a pro game that is in many ways just different. But, knowing how bright Chip is, I have a difficult time believing that it will be schemes — and certainly not from too much fidelity to a certain scheme — that does him in.

How the terminology of the Erhardt-Perkins system has helped maintain the dominance of Tom Brady and the Patriots - Grantland
As the players and schemes have changed, it's the way the Patriots talk that's continued their offensive dominance.

2013 East-West Shrine Game: Thursday stock report -
Practices for the 2013 East-West Shrine Game are wrapping up. See who experts think helped and hurt their draft stock the most over the course of the week.

2013 Shrine Game: Practice Risers - CBSSports
Although the 88th annual East-West Shrine Game won't be played until Saturday, most of the NFL scouts and coaches have already left St. Petersburg, having watched and scouted a full week of practice.

2013 Shrine Game: East Roster Stock Up/Down, Highest Rated, and "Starting Rosters" | Articles | Draft
The East roster may as well had been the "Small School" roster, as they studs from the game mostly came from the non-FBS level of prospects. If you haven’t followed along, Terron Armstead, David Bass, and Cooper Taylor are some names to catch-up on.

2013 Shrine Game: West Roster Stock Up/Down, Highest Rated, and "Starting Rosters" | Articles | Draft
The West roster lacked the same impressive, surprising players than the East did, but they still featured a handful of under-the-radar guys that likely will force teams to go back and watch more film. Names like Keith Pough, Khalid Wooten, and Caleb Schrebeis are the ones to learn, as well as which FBS players stepped up.