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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

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Already Tuesday, you guys.

Alex Smith will reportedly seek release from 49ers after Super Bowl -
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will reportedly ask to be released following Super Bowl XLVII, according to NBC's Pro Football Talk.

Cost per snap: A new approach for the NFL draft? | National Football Post
Should you ever draft in the 7th round? Here's a case against it.

Clayton: 'No way, no how' Seahawks trade for Revis - Blog -
"Seattle is not going to take on somebody that's going to be paid more than any cornerback ... on this team," Clayton said during "Cold Hard Facts" on Friday. "That's not going to happen."

Super Bowl XLVII week -- Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh and more - NFL - Peter King -
The Revis story. First, kudos to CBS' Jason La Canfora for breaking the story that the Jets may trade Revis instead of paying him an ungodly sum to stay and anchor their secondary. That's good work by La Canfora. I am categorically, adamantly opposed to the Jets trading Revis. I believe Woody Johnson will rue the day he trades the best cornerback -- a slightly risky tag, obviously, given that he's coming off October knee surgery -- regardless of how uncomfortable the Jets' salary cap fit is right now. You don't trade great players at vital positions in their prime. You never recoup the value.

San Francisco 49ers had incredible 2007 draft class -
As Albert Breer pointed out, 15 of the 49ers' 22 starters predated Harbaugh's arrival. The new regime deserves credit for blowing up the roster that McCloughan largely built. His 2007 draft haul standing out as particularly ridiculous:

Browns quarterback Colt McCoy added $1.75 million to his 2013 base salary | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Seattle Seahawks guard Paul McQuistan will also receive a $1 million raise for 2013. Originally scheduled to earn $2 million in 2013, the second season of a two-year, $4 million contract that was signed on March 19, 2012, McQuistan played in over 97 percent of the Seahawks' offensive snaps last season, triggering a $1 million incentive in 2012 and increasing his base salary in 2013.

Seahawks’ tandem helped put NFC in position to win
Monday metatarsal musing: Earl Thomas as the nickel back? Russell Okung at right tackle? It was the Pro Bowl, and each Seahawk helped the NFC win on Sunday by finding ways to make plays while not at their usual positions.

Baltimore Ravens' roster shows brilliance of GM Ozzie Newsome -
It has been 12 seasons since the Baltimore Ravens last played in the Super Bowl. Many things have changed with the franchise over the last dozen years: New owner, new head coach, new players, new facility. However, one thing has remained constant: the leadership, vision and guidance provided by Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome.

Congressmen chastise NFLPA for stance on HGH testing -
Two members of Congress are taking issue with the NFLPA for its stance on human growth hormone testing for NFL players.

Roger Goodell noticed 'improved quality' in Pro Bowl -
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has openly questioned whether the Pro Bowl will continue to have a future, but it appears he's pleased with what he saw on Sunday.

2013 NFL Mock Drafts -
Dane Brugler's expert 2013 NFL Mock Draft -- provided by and

After Further Review: Ravens' Lewis playing well, but stats inflated - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Ray Lewis' postseason play has drawn lots of attention. Pete Prisco says Lewis is still decent but not what you would expect from a guy with 44 tackles in three games.

Defense still pays the bills in the NFL | National Football Post
League-wide scoring averages are up, which is why a stalwart defense means more now than ever before.

Preview of Texas versus Nation Game Practices. | National Football Post
NFP looks at six prospects NFL scouts will be watching closely at the Texas VS Nation Game.

Is good luck driving the low interception rates of Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick?
In September, I started a post by asking you to make this assumption: Assume that it is within a quarterback’s control as to whether or not he throws a completed pass on any given pass attempt. However, if he throws an incomplete pass, then he has no control over whether or not that pass is intercepted.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Film Room: Ravens Offense-49ers Defense
The Ravens wouldn’t be here without Joe Flacco, the fifth-year pro who has caught fire down the stretch. Flacco is not quite having a playoff run for the ages, but he’s responding to the challenge of spearheading this Ravens offense. And, as we’ve reviewed many times this season, running this Ravens offense is no small task.

Grigson names Sporting News executive of the year | ProFootballTalk
In many ways, the Sporting News brand has seen its influence diminish dramatically in recent years. In one specific way, the Sporting News retains a significant amount of sway in NFL circles. The Sporting News awards annually the one postseason award not among the Associated Press collection of honors that is regarded as the unofficially official NFL designation: Executive of the Year. This year, the winner is first-year Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson.

How Darrelle Revis Compares to the Best Players Ever Traded - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
When the news came out last week that the New York Jets might explore a trade for Darrelle Revis, it was easy to dismiss the idea as typical new-regime fodder. Whenever a new coach or GM steps in, there’s an obligation to let everyone know that "all parts of our football team" are being evaluated. It’s a reminder to both the media and fans that there’s a reason someone was just fired, and that they shouldn’t worry — change is coming. But that change doesn’t usually include trading one of the 10 best players in football.

Advanced NFL Stats: Clubs Stay Conservative In No Man's Land
Initially, I was surprised Bill Belichick elected to punt last Sunday on a 4th-and-8 from Baltimore's 34-yard-line. Belichick's Patriots were up by six, and Belichick of all coaches should understand a six-point lead in today's NFL is far from safe. The decision was far from a no-brainer, as Keith sketched out last week.

The Tape Never Lies: Ray Lewis is vulnerable in coverage | 100 Yards and Running | Blogs |
When Ray Lewis stands five yards in front of the line of scrimmage before the snap, you can still see the minute details that have helped him become arguably the greatest middle linebacker of all-time.

Lions hire Xanders as senior personnel executive - Yahoo! Sports
The Detroit Lions have attempted to improve their front office by hiring senior personnel executive Brian Xanders.

Kawann Short is more than good enough for Seattle " Seahawks Draft Blog
Nobody should panic if Kawann Short is the best defensive tackle available when the Seahawks are on the clock. He’d be a fine choice with the #25 pick.

Seahawks save the Pro Bowl - Seahawks News -
If the future of the Pro Bowl is doomed, don't blame Russell Wilson and the other five Seahawks who represented the NFC on Sunday in Hawaii. - Seahawks News at

Grigson, not Schneider, named top exec - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Executives throughout the NFL would happily trade places with Super Bowl general managers Trent Baalke (San Francisco) and Ozzie Newsome (Baltimore).

Jaws: Colin Kaepernick can be NFL's best - NFC West Blog - ESPN
We'll be discussing Colin Kaepernick in a "Double Coverage" item Tuesday, but with ESPN's Ron Jaworski suggesting the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback could become the NFL's best QB , I couldn't resist offering a few thoughts now.

Throw 40 times a game? The Seahawks and Pete Carroll will pass | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Coach Pete Carroll did not throw down a gauntlet, but he did make his intentions clear. He wants to run the ball. And off of that run game, Seattle’s offense will function, and he made this declaration at a point when the NFL is becoming more pass-oriented than ever. And that reality was enough to make you wonder if he was bringing a knife to a gun fight, which is what makes this year’s Super Bowl so encouraging from Seattle’s perspective.

Seahawks appear on right course | Danny O'Neil | The Seattle Times
This is the most decidedly mediocre Super Bowl in at least seven years.

Evaluating the QB Position - Evaluations -
The quarterback position is the hardest to evaluate. General Managers are always seeking to hit on an elite, franchise passer because it has become increasingly apparent that an average quarterback is a false economy.

2013 Texas vs. the Nation: Intrigue at each position - CBSSports
Although it won't receive the same attention as the Senior Bowl or East-West Shrine Game, NFL scouts will flock to Allen, Texas, this week for the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game. The exhibition will showcase senior prospects hoping to be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Post Senior Bowl Notes
With the Senior Bowl barely 48 hours in the books what’s the word trickling out from NFL teams and scouts as they finally reach home? Edition one focuses on broken rules and one of the fastest receivers in the draft.

B.J. Stewart makes splash
"Down in Montgomery, B.J. was starting ahead of a tight end from Clemson," said CU coach Dewayne Alexander. "We’ve had scouts from 24 of the 32 NFL teams either come by for a visit or watch him practice this past season. "Three scouts called me from Montgomery after watching him practice there. The Seahawks have shown the most interest and have been on him the longest, but I’ve recently sent film to the Falcons and the Lions. "We’re hoping to get him hooked up for some individual workouts at NFL training sites, which we hope could lead to an invitation to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis."