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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday

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Otto Greule Jr

Holy crap it's already Thursday.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: PODCAST: Wildcard Playoff Round Table
The party line was in full effect tonight as I was lucky enough to welcome Scott Enyeart, Davis Hsu, and Jacson Bevens back to the show to talk all things Seahawks and Redskins. When the four of us talk Hawks, it is impossible to keep it under an hour. We quite possibly covered every topic in a rambling session that had me professing love for Sean McGrath. Take a listen, and get psyched for Sunday!

Barry Cofield sees mirror image of Redskins in Seahawks - The Washington Post
“It’s the game of football,” Carroll said. “If you have the proper commitment and you build around it, [running the ball] may be the best way you can count on being consistently successful.”

Browner, Seahawks face play-action threat - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks' secondary is whole again now that cornerback Brandon Browner, a Pro Bowl choice one year ago, has returned from a four-game suspension in time for the team's wild-card playoff game against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Geno Smith, Matt Barkley headline 2013 NFL Draft quarterbacks -
It's not a coincidence that the majority of coaches and general managers who were displaced from their jobs on "Black Monday" were tied to underachieving quarterbacks. The proper identification and development of a franchise signal-caller has always been a critical component of any successful long-term strategy for an organization. However, the instant impacts of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, coupled with the emergence of Cam Newton and Andy Dalton as viable franchise playmakers, have made it even more important for decision makers to identify the right leaders for their respective teams.

NFL year in review: The five biggest stories from 2012 -
Not even comets move as fast as the NFL. Here's a look back at the stories that shaped America's most popular sport this year.

How not to cover vs. Robert Griffin III - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Doug Clawson of ESPN Stats & Information has done an All-22 video analysis of Griffin's season and determined that the key to Griffin's downfield success is his performance against single-safety coverage. NFC West blogger Mike Sando pointed me to Doug's analysis and said he and NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert were going to be discussing it on their Inside Slant podcast today. We are one big, happy team here at It's pretty beautiful to watch, really

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " DeAngelo Hall on the Redskins Seven Game Winning Streak: "11 gets us to where we want to be"
DeAngelo Hall joined 106.7 the Fan in Washington D.C. with LaVar and Dukes to talk about how the team turned things around after a 3-6 start to the season, how much better it is for the Redskins to play on Sunday as opposed to Saturday, whether he did anything special to get in the head of Dez Bryant the other night, if he thinks Washington can go on a Giants-like run this season and whether they feel like they have an advantage when it comes to playing Russell Wilson and the Seahawks because they get to practice against Robert Griffin III.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Pete Carroll: "We’re Going to Be Good for a While"
Pete Carroll joined Brock and Salk on 710 ESPN in Seattle to discuss the importance of playing a close game for once Sunday against St. Louis, his confidence in the offense, punter Jon Ryan being "sicker than a dog" over the weekend and the pistol offense. He also spoke about how good he feels this team "could have been" this year and their bright future and touched on the similarities between them and the Redskins on offense.

Shanahan on Lynch: "You just can’t tackle him." | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
Washington head coach Mike Shanahan watches film on his next opponent and imagines what could have been. Don’t get Shanahan wrong, he’s pleased with the performance of rookie running back Alfred Morris, who finished the season second in the league in rushing with 1,613 yards.

Option in NFL: Zvi Griliches One More Time | The Sports Economist
In everyday usage "technological change" often references changes to machinery of some sort. Among economists, the term refers to changes in the methods of production, "know how," in whatever form. Over fifty years ago, Zvi Griliches published his article "Hybrid Corn: An Exploration in the Economics of Technological Change" in Econometrica, showing how across a variety of states the acreage planted with hybrid seed took over. The expansion, however, did not all occur at once. Instead, it started slowly in each state with few adopters, then gained steam, and finally won over even the die-hards resulting in an "S-shaped" curve depicting the growth in its use. This picture describes the diffusion of most any technological change whether a new corn seed, a new tractor implement, or black players on Major League teams.

"Brusque, tactless style" was Blake Williams’ downfall | ProFootballTalk
Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Williams got the heave-ho in St. Louise due to a "brusque, tactless style" when dealing with colleagues and players. Given that he was working in an industry where plenty of guys are brusque and tactless, it’s not easy to stand out. Williams apparently did.

Rookie QB Rankings Season in Review: RG3 on top -
In any other season, Wilson would be the Rookie of the Year. I'd take Wilson's 2012 campaign over any rookie season since at least Adrian Peterson in 2007. Wilson finished first in our weekly quarterback ranks four times (including a tie) in the final five weeks. It just took him a little longer to get going. Blog | Mike Shanahan on Marshawn Lynch: ‘He’s always been one of my favorite players’
"He’s always been one of my favorite players, because you just can’t tackle him," Shanahan said this morning during a conference-call interview. "He’s everything that you look for in a running back. I’ve watched film over a number of years and you’re mad that he’s not on your football team because he can do things most people can’t do. "So I’ve always been a big fan of his."

Brick by brick: How Pete Carroll built the Seahawks | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider have built the Seahawks in a variety of ways, always looking at a player's ceiling. "Our nature is to look for the good stuff," Carroll said. "Our nature is to count on our ability to draw it out of guys."

Seahawks rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane proves he belongs | Steve Kelley | The Seattle Times
Jeremy Lane, a sixth-round draft pick from Northwestern State, began to make an impression during the Seahawks' rookie minicamp. With others out due to suspension or injury, Lane stepped up late in the season for Seattle.

Seahawks' rise right on course | - Sports
"I don't feel like that," Carroll said when asked if the Seahawks are ahead of schedule. "We just wish so much that we had got it done last year. We didn't capture it quickly enough. It just didn't come around like we wanted it to. But we'll take it. "We'll take it where we are. It's been three terrific years for us in retooling the program and the roster and the staff and getting everything right. We really feel the momentum in the youth and the hopefulness for the future is there."

Seattle's playoff road history not a pretty view - Seahawks News -
"There will be a feel about the playoffs, there's always a kind of air about it that you can sense it's different, but the key is not allowing that to factor in to what it really takes to prepare well and not miss the message," Carroll said. "They will be as excited to play, and I think everybody is going to have great focus this week just because it is the playoffs, but that's something we're trying to create on a regular basis so that when we get to this time we've already been there done that."

Postseason pressure? Russell Wilson refuses to feel it
The players were "off" the past two days, but you’d never know it – or that it was New Years – by the way rookie QB Russell Wilson continued to follow his preparation path for Sunday’s playoff game.

Chris Clemons' impact can’t be measured in stats alone
Monday metatarsal musings: In a hard-fought 20-13 victory over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, no one fought any harder for the playoff-bound Seahawks than Leo end Chris Clemons.

DeAndre Hopkins is a top-20 talent " Seahawks Draft Blog
Time to start a new bandwagon. A DeAndre Hopkins shaped bandwagon. Without any doubt at all, he’s a stud. Any doubts about this guy need to be firmly removed following an incredible solo-performance against mighty LSU yesterday. He’s a top-20 talent who may go later… and a smart team will be ready to capitalise.

Seahawks have the recipe for postseason success - Seahawks News -
This may sound like justification for nearly losing at home to a mediocre team, but here it goes: the Seahawks' 20-13 win over the Rams last weekend was exactly what this team needed to prepare for the playoffs. We all would've loved to see another three-touchdown blowout but I'm not sure that would've been the best thing for this team.

Lichtensteiger among Redskins sitting out practice - Seahawks News -
Lichtensteiger among Redskins sitting out practice - Seahawks News at

Seahawks-Redskins similarities go beyond QB - Blog -
"There's a lot of similarities with the zone-blocking scheme," Shanahan said. "[Seahawks offensive line coach Tom] Cable has done a fantastic job every place he's been with the zone scheme. Seattle is no different."

Wilson, Bradford gain in adjusted QBR - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Total QBR metric we've consulted in evaluating quarterback play can be tweaked to account for strength of opposing defense. Alok Pattani of ESPN's analytics team passed along information showing how these adjustments would affect QBR rankings for the 36 quarterbacks with enough plays to qualify for consideration.

Double Coverage: Seahawks-Redskins - NFC West Blog - ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano and NFC West blogger Mike Sando discuss this Sunday's playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field, in Landover, Md.

Seahawks in "very good shape" from a personnel standpoint heading into playoffs | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
"We’re very fortunate right now; (we’re) in very good shape," Carroll said.

Browner returns; Hill to practice today | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
"Getting Brandon Browner back is a big deal to us," Carroll said. "He’s been a big part of what we’ve done here. And he’s been a significant factor in the style that we play. So he comes back, and we’ll how he does." One of the most eager in anticipating Browner’s return was fellow cornerback Richard Sherman. "It feels fantastic," Browner said. "Getting him back is a big boost for us. I think it will be big for our defense. His presence, his physicality will be a huge factor in this game I’m sure.

Seahawks built from high-energy blueprint | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Imagine Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice floating through the open door of Pete Carroll’s corner office overlooking Lake Washington at Seahawks headquarters. Like Ol’ Blue Eyes said, Carroll and general manager John Schneider did it their way.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: The Case For A Redskins Victory
There is no such thing as a sure bet in the NFL, especially in the playoffs, especially on the road. Seattle may have a comparable offense to Washington, a better defense, and better special teams, but the only thing that will matter come Sunday is which team plays better on that day. The Redskins pose real challenges to the Seahawks, especially on offense. If Washington were to win this game, it would likely be due to one, or more, of the reasons below.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: First Impressions: The Redskins Face A Tough Task
There is something about the Redskins and Seahawks that seems to cause a sort of playoff magnetism. Maybe it is that they represent Washington from different coasts. Maybe it is the Native American-inspired mascot. Whatever it is, the Redskins have made the playoffs three times in the past seven years, and have drawn the Seahawks each time. This will be the first time the Seahawks have traveled out to Washington D.C., as the other two games in 2007 and 2005 were at CenturyLink Field. The teams do not resemble the product put on the field in 2005. There may not be a farther distance a franchise can travel at quarterback than Todd Collins to Robert Griffin III. These are two hot teams that have both won seven of their past eight games heading into the post-season. There are some clear similarities, whether it is the phenom quarterbacks or the relentless rushing attack. However, there are some key differences as well. I have been researching the Redskins for a while, and have some initial observations that could play a role in the outcome of Sunday's game.

RG3 to Tony Romo: Ignore your critics, you're 'great' -
"Don't listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You're a great QB, man," Griffin is heard saying on the latest installment of Showtimes's "Inside the NFL."

Chip Kelly set to interview with Cleveland Browns -
Ian Rapoport reports the Cleveland Browns plan to interview Kelly after the Fiesta Bowl on Friday or over the weekend, according to a source with knowledge of the process.

Top 5 most annoying types of NFL fans -
3) The "Championships" argument fan -- You know this guy. Everyone does. Heck, I’ll even admit to pulling out this lame argument at points when I’m smarting over my teams’ loss. This is the guy who win or lose, always reverts back to his team’s Super Bowl or championship record as the end all be all for ANY argument. Like when the Steelers lost to the Cowboys, or the Packers to the 49ers. Sure, winning titles is the reason everyone plays the game, but don’t be a tool and have that be your sole argument for everything. Unless you’re a Bills or Vikings fans and use the reverse-Championships argument for sympathy and support. That’s granted, you poor, suffering souls.

Redskins and Seahawks take similar approaches — and get similar stats — with their rookie quarterbacks | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
They were selected 73 picks apart in the 2012 NFL Draft, but Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks have amassed surprisingly similar statistics in their rookie campaigns. Griffin, the second overall pick, and Wilson, taken 75th overall in the third round, have maximized their potential in run-heavy zone offenses with multiple formations and pre-snap approaches. When the two teams face off in the wild-card round Sunday afternoon at Washington D.C.'s FedEx Field, the mirror images at the quarterback position might be startling.

Andy Reid, Ray Horton and Mike McCoy are hot names on the NFL head coach rumor mill | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Here's a Wednesday afternoon roundup of rumors and interviews for the seven head coaching vacancies in the NFL.

Gut-check time | National Football Post
Recent history shows us that the Houston Texans may have a big problem on their hands.

A look ahead to the 2014 NFL Draft. | National Football Post
Russ Lande takes a look at two players who would be Top 3 picks if they were eligible for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Scout Talk | National Football Post
A look at Kenny Vaccaro and a strong group of safeties in the April draft

Chicken or Egg: RB Stefphon Jefferson or Nevada Scheme? | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Nevada running back Stefphon Jefferson declared for the NFL Draft this week. Looking at the numbers, it’s hard to blame him. Although he only had 73 carries as a freshman and sophomore, his junior year blew away all expectations: - Seahawks assistants could figure in head-coaching mix
While Cable, who coached the Raiders for three seasons, would appear to have a leg up from an experience standpoint, team sources believe Bradley is a legitimate "up and comer" who might be a more attractive head-coaching candidate. "He was the one holdover Carroll kept from the previous staff," one daily team observer said of the 46-year-old Bradley. "This is Pete’s defense, but the way Bradley has been able to adapt to a different system has been impressive."

Ray Horton: I think I’ll be a head coach this year | ProFootballTalk
Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton is one of the hottest head coaching candidates in the league with the Browns, Bills and his current team all talking to him already about their openings.

Hawaii CB Mike Edwards going pro - CBSSports
Hawaii junior cornerback Mike Edwards has decided to skip his senior season and enter the 2013 NFL Draft, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.reported. He is expected to make the decision official during a press conference on Wednesday. "It was a difficult decision," said Edwards. "I felt it was the best thing for my family. I have two sons and I want to provide for them."

Seminoles CB Rhodes bolting for NFL - CBSSports
Florida State junior cornerback Xavier Rhodes told ESPN's Joe Schad that he will forego his senior season and enter the 2013 NFL Draft. He announced the news after the Seminoles 31-10 victory over Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl. "I'm excited about it," Rhodes told the media Tuesday night. "But it depends on me and how I perform in the combine if I'm going to be a first-rounder."

Drilling Down on Coaching Moves: The Firing of Norv Turner | Fantasy Douche
I threw together the chart below as a quick illustration of the trajectory of the San Diego franchise over the past decade. It shows the Simple Rating for the Chargers over that time and then I’ve drawn a box in to illustrate where the Marty Schottenheimer era ended and the Norv Turner era began.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Redskins Defense Unproven Against Read Option
There is no shortage of discussion about how to stop Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris, and the Shanahan's read option and pistol offense. A key aspect of this game that is getting far less attention is how the Redskins defense will stop a similar offense with Russell Wilson at the helm, Marshawn Lynch running behind him, and two Pro Bowl offensive lineman clearing the way. I spent some time looking for film on how the Redskins may perform against an offense like this, and found only the game they played in Week 9 against the Carolina Panthers at home. The outcome was a 21-13 loss, and Washington's struggles against the read option was a big reason why the team lost.

NFL Football Scouting - National Football League - ESPN
After watching film of both teams, Scouts Inc. breaks down key elements of the wild-card matchup between the Seahawks and Redskins.

RG3's knee 'better every day' as 'Skins-'Hawks nears -
"It's getting pretty close to just being mostly the brace. But the doctors aren't going to let me take it off," Griffin told The Washington Post. "... I know a lot of people talk about the limp with the brace, but any time you wear a brace like that, it's to protect you, so it's gonna cause a natural limp. You're not going to be able to bend your knee normally. It restricts your flexion and your extension, so it's just to protect the ligaments in there, so there'll be a natural limp in there, but at the same time you can still generate power."

With Brandon Browner back, time for this band to hit the road
Cornerback Brandon Browner practiced with the Seahawks on Wednesday for the first time since serving a four-game suspension, and his secondary mates were delighted about his timely return.