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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday

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Hump day!

Al Bello

Here we go.

Atlanta Falcons: The Stepping Stone to the NFC Championship - Canal Street Chronicles
In the Mike Smith-Matt Ryan era, the Atlanta Falcons have been complete playoff busts and just a short pit stop on the way to the NFC Championship.

Seahawk player Michael Robinson shows FedEx field before the game | Doug Deuce - The Brew 104.9 - Tacoma/Seattle
If you watched the game on Sunday, I'm sure you noticed how terrible the field looked. Well, even the Seahawks players thought the field was awful. Check out this video Seahawks Fullback Michael Robinson took before the game

Captain Comeback: Seattle’s Russell Wilson Last Rookie QB Standing
Captain Comeback Scott Kacsmar recaps an unusual Wild Card weekend that left Seattle’s Russell Wilson as the last standing rookie QB. But the biggest stories were more about who was unable to participate.

USA Tawdry: Inside the Washington-Seahawks cat fight | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
I can tell you this without any doubt or hesitancy: If you ask enough players in the locker room after any game in the NFL if the opponent was playing dirty, taking cheap shots or just generally taking liberties, eventually you’re going to get someone who says, “Yes, those no good so-and-sos were dirty.” You know why? Because that happens. Every game. Guys do things to each other that make the other guy really mad. Every game.

Updated look at NFC West cap situations - NFC West Blog - ESPN
And in looking at the latest figures from ESPN's John Clayton, Seattle appears best positioned, at least initially, to operate freely from a cap standpoint in 2013. I use the word "initially" because cap situations can be fluid. Teams can often clear room quickly when necessary.

Alex Okafor an option for the Seahawks? « Seahawks Draft Blog
By March they’ll know a lot more about the recovery period and what contingency plans have to be made. They drafted Bruce Irvin to be the heir apparent to Clemons at the LEO position. Yet the team has used another rusher of similar stature for certain play calls during each of the three years this scheme has been in place. Clearly this will be a need that has to be addressed if Clemons can’t start the 2013 season.

NFL requires certification of field fitness within 72 hours of kickoff | ProFootballTalk
“Within 72 hours of each home game, all clubs that own or lease their stadiums are required to certify that their fields are in compliance with Recommended Practices for the Maintenance of Infill and Natural Surfaces for NFL Games,” the league’s Game Operations Manual states. “If any parts of the playing surface are not in compliance, it must be remediated in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s recommendations at the club’s expense. The playing surface must be retested and certified as being in compliance prior to game day. Failure to comply is considered a competitive as well as a player safety issue and will be subject to disciplinary action by the Commissioner’s office.”

NFC West penalty watch: A big surprise - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Here is the surprise: Brandon Browner's penalty for illegal contact during the Seahawks' 24-14 playoff victory Sunday was just the second of its kind against Seattle all season. Officials also flagged cornerback Jeremy Lane for illegal contact in Week 17.

Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner Present Perfect Combination to Stop Roddy White, Julio Jones | NFL |
It was almost destined to happen. On Sunday afternoon, the sixth best passing offense will face the sixth best passing defense. Two should-be Pro Bowlers face up against two should-be Pro Bowlers. The battle to appear in the NFC Championship Game could come down to two matchups — Seattle cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner against Atlanta wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones.

This one was an instant classic
Monday metatarsal musings: Sunday’s win over the Redskins ended the franchise’s drought in road playoff games, and also allowed these Seahawks to accomplish something even the Mike Holmgren-coached Seahawks could not.

Seattle's Lynch shines again in playoffs - Seahawks News -
Marshawn Lynch's tremor-causing playoff touchdown run two years ago against New Orleans has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

Ryan Longwell to the rescue? A few stats - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Longwell and Seahawks general manager John Schneider were with the Packers together until Longwell signed with Minnesota for the 2006 season. Longwell made 22 of 28 field goal tries for the Vikings last season. He is 38 years old and grew up in Oregon before playing at the University of California.

Atlanta Falcons by the numbers | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
This season: The Falcons, who won their first eight games of the season, claimed the NFC South Division and secured the NFC’s top seed and a first-round bye. Atlanta was 7-1 at the Georgia Dome.

Invite Atlanta’s Juan N. Dunne to hoist Seahawks’ 12th-man flag | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
The Atlanta Falcons know all about Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman. But around Atlanta, it’s the prospect of Juan N. Dunne that has fans jittery.

Seahawks busting early-season myths about their play | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
Can't win on the road in the playoffs? Offense is holding the defense back? Aren't built to come back? If you're still assuming this about Seattle, think again.

Why Does Everyone Hate Seattle Seahawks Corberback Richard Sherman? | Bleacher Report
It seemed like just yesterday the NFL masses were hating on Ndamukong Suh. Whether he was stomping on Evan Dietrich-Smith or kicking Matt Schaub in the groin, there was always something to look forward to when Suh took the field. His aggressive, hot-headed attitude often boiled over like hot water on a stove

The mental side of the Seahawks’ win
High-performance psychologist Mike Gervais and I sat down to talk about the Seahawks’ win in the opening round of the playoffs on Sunday. Check out our short conversation about the mental side of the game, poise and learning your learner: