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Coffee & Cigarettes: Greg Cosell reads

Rich Schultz

Greg Cosell imparts some of his knowledge.

Cosell’s Take: Seahawks set the tone for the new NFL in free agency | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
NFL free agency is an annual rite of spring. The media and fans pontificate with absolute certainty about all the signings that occur. There’s rarely a gray area, especially for those loyal followers who truly believe they know what’s best for their respective team. If only the general manager and the coach would listen ... well, "we’d" be Super Bowl champions every year.

Cosell’s Take: 3-4 and 4-3 concepts more about personnel than defensive fronts | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
It’s the time of year when we all discuss the top prospects, and how they best transition and project to the NFL. It’s particularly fascinating on the defensive side of the ball, where two seemingly competing philosophies, the 4-3 and the 3-4, often determine the value and utility of specific players.

Cosell’s Take: The quarterback paradigm | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Quarterback evaluation is a fascinating process. One can easily make the argument that the process of studying and analyzing college quarterbacks says more about the person doing the evaluating than it does about the quarterbacks themselves. Bill Walsh told me years ago that when he received a quarterback breakdown from a scout or a coach on his staff, the first thing he did was to consider the evaluator. Walsh first wanted to understand the method and manner by which the individual went about the evaluation, and what that person looked for as he transitioned the player from the college game to the more rigorous NFL game.

Cosell’s Take: The Chip Kelly litmus test | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL game right now is truly fascinating. It’s evolving in so many interesting ways. Many traditional staples remain, but different concepts and tactics have taken hold. This has been particularly evident on the offensive side of the ball, where the infusion of what were once viewed solely (and negatively) as college schemes become more and more prevalent. There has been increasing integration between Saturday football and Sunday football, the most noticeable, of course, being the read option and the Pistol.

Cosell Sees Great Fit With Kelly, Vick
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Cosell's Pre-Draft Evaluation Process
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Cosell Breaks Down Panthers "O"
This week on "Eagles Gameplan", NFL Films Senior Producer Greg Cosell breaks down the Panthers' zone read attack, and why it should look familiar to the Eagles defense ...