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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday


Tom Szczerbowski

Things that may interest you.

2013 NFL Draft -- Tavon Austin, Geno Smith, Tyrann Mathieu and more thoughts - Peter King -
ST. LOUIS -- When you spend a round in a team's war room, as I did Thursday night with the Rams, you understand why so many players, coaches, scouts and executives are magnetized to this game and cannot give it up.

Projecting impact for Seattle’s rookies « Seahawks Draft Blog
It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks. He is the tone-setter, the heartbeat, the player who drains energy out of a defense while creating opportunities for the passing game via play action. What he isn’t, unfortunately, is invincible. And while he has played through a series of niggling injuries (back, foot), keeping him from a mountainous work-load is vital for both the long and short term. His contract runs until 2015 and I suspect the the Seahawks want to get through the next three years with Lynch leading the way.

Intrigue surrounds Seahawks' defense | - Sports
Now that the last -- and most significant -- part of offseason roster building is complete for the Seattle Seahawks, we have a better idea of just what the 2013 version of the team will look like.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Broken Tackles 2012
With the draft now in the rearview mirror, it's time to fill Football Outsiders with articles on our various stats from last season. We'll start today with broken tackles. Broken tackles are a stat from game charting, not from the standard play-by-play. We define a "broken tackle" as one of two events: either the ballcarrier escapes from the grasp of the defender, or the defender is in good position for a tackle but the ballcarrier jukes him out of his shoes. If the ballcarrier sped by a slow defender who dived and missed, that didn't count as a broken tackle. We only measured broken tackles for standard plays; volunteers didn't have the time to track them for all special teams plays.

Seahawks select Canadian Luke Willson in fifth round of NFL draft, 158th overall
Baseball and the CFL are both going to have to wait for Luke Willson.

'Honey Badger' eager to pass the test(s) - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Arizona Cardinals' plan to require periodic drug tests for 2013 third-round choice Tyrann Mathieu is permissible under the collective bargaining agreement, which allows for "testing by agreement" under certain restrictions. George Atallah, assistant executive director of external affairs for the NFL Players Association, passed along the following CBA language upon request earlier Monday:

Three NFC West draft notes of interest - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sports Illustrated's Peter King spent Thursday night in the St. Louis Rams' draft room and will report extensively on the experience later this week. In the meantime, he passed along two Rams-related nuggets, plus a note on the Arizona Cardinals' third-round choice, in his post-draft piece Monday:

When 49ers leaped past Seahawks for TE - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The NFC West's fiercest current rivals, San Francisco and Seattle, both wound up selecting tight ends from Rice University in the recently completed NFL draft.

John Schneider: Seahawks not interested in Tim Tebow - Blog -
"Uh, no," Schneider said flatly when asked whether the Seahawks have any interest in a left-handed former Heisman Trophy winner, an obvious reference to Tebow.

Schneider and Carroll have scared off draft critics - Blog -
A search of the internet the day after the 2013 NFL Draft returns some interesting results: No harsh criticisms of the Seahawks' draft class.

Which Seahawks’ draft pick might make the biggest contribution? | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
I have to be honest: I really hate doing these kinds of things. More often than not, you end up looking foolish. Mel Kiper, you may remember, was critical of the last two Seattle draft classes shortly after the draft. He has since retroactively given those classes positive reviews. But, hey, ’tis the season to analyze draft picks, so here we go.

More on “Fat Rabbit” and the rest of the Seahawks’ seventh-round draft picks | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Michael Bowie was once the starting left tackle for Oklahoma State. In 2011, his junior season, Bowie was a part-time starter for the Cowboys, who won the Big 12 that year.

Seahawks obviously happy to have Percy Harvin
Monday metatarsal musings: Rather than regret the lack of a post-draft press conference to introduce the Seahawks’ first-round draft choice, rewind to last month’s revelry after acquiring Percy Harvin.

Roster analysis | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
Good morning. With the draft and free agency pretty much over, I thought this would be a good time to take a second look at the Seattle Seahawks’ roster.

Arizona Cardinals Undrafted Free Agents: Tracking the Latest Signings | Bleacher Report
Some NFL hopefuls go undrafted for numerous reasons. They may be small-school products, they may have injury pasts that scare off teams or they may not be draftable based on character concerns...

Seattle Seahawks Undrafted Free Agents: Tracking the Latest Signings | Bleacher Report
Some NFL hopefuls go undrafted for numerous reasons. They may be small school products, they may have injury pasts that scare teams off, or they may not be draftable based on character concerns...

NFC West Foes - Seattle Seahawks, Primetime, NFL Blogs Online, Wild Wild West, 2013
NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger Erin Acacio breaks down the Seahawks 2013 NFC West schedule. With three prime time games, one against each NFC West foe, the Seahawks have a chance to really make a name for themselves in the rest of the country. The Hawks often get overlooked by an east coast biased national sports media market. The extra love this year will finally give them a chance to be seen, and heard nationally.

Collateral Damage: Veterans hurt by NFL Draft -
Gregg Rosenthal looks at 20 veterans that didn't enjoy the NFL draft as much as most fans. Kevin Kolb, Kenny Britt, Mark Sanchez, and Willis McGahee all make the list.

Tim Tebow to get another NFL shot after being waived by Jets? -
Tim Tebow's days in a New York Jets uniform are over, but he might yet have reason to smile -- if he can find another NFL team willing to take a shot on him. What does his future hold? Our analysts debate.

Early draft reflections: The AFC North | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
I'm not sure if giving grades out right after a draft is more like critiquing a meal right after you've ordered it, or reviewing a book just after you've cracked Page 1. At the very least, it will take one full season before a team's selection process can be accurately assessed in the long-term view. As to the validity and accuracy of immediate grades, you should ask the guys who didn't know who Tom Brady was in 2000, or saw Russell Wilson as a third-round waste pick in 2012. So, with that in mind, consider this a series of early reflections, more based on how the players performed in college, potential scheme fits, and overall team quality.

Continue the purge | National Football Post
The New York Jets shouldn’t stop with Tim Tebow. If the organization wants to rid itself of distractions, it’s time to say goodbye to Mark Sanchez as well.

2013 NFL Draft versus the average: Looking at the numbers | National Football Post
Tony Villiotti's post-draft analysis begins with a breakdown by position

Jaguars part ways with McDonough, Clark | ProFootballTalk
The draft has ended. Which often sparks turnover in some NFL front offices. This year, it's starting in Jacksonville. Per multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, the Jaguars have parted ways with director of player personnel Terry McDonough and director of pro personnel Louis Clark.

49ers emerge from draft as sole Super Bowl favorites -
Six weeks ago Bovada oddsmakers pegged the 49ers and Broncos as 7/1 co-favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Now, having addressed its lone glaring need in the draft, San Francisco is the sole favorite at 6/1.

Mathieu should refuse deal that contains no guaranteed money | ProFootballTalk
The Cardinals have a special plan for the player they selected in round three of the draft, apart from moving him to free safety. As Peter King of SI.

Eagles cut Evan Moore, add nine undrafted rookies | ProFootballTalk
One veteran tight end is out and nine undrafted rookies have been added to the 90-man roster in Philadelphia. The Eagles announced today that Evan Moore, a veteran tight end they picked up off waivers from the Seahawks late last season, has been released.

Greencastle graduate Jared Smith drafted by Seattle Seahawks - Sports - Waynesboro Record Herald - Waynesboro, PA
"They're planning to move me to center,"