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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday



Hurry! Read these right quick!

2013 NFL Draft Fallout: Seattle Seahawks -
The Seattle Seahawks' first draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft was a talented running back with a checkered history. Sound familiar? So why test fate again by drafting Christine Michael?

More questions about Seattle Seahawks' plan at running back - ESPN
"First off, we ran the ball more than anybody in the NFL last year, so we want this position loaded up," Carroll said in explaining Michael's selection. "I think the chance to get another good, strong, tough guy like we did just adds to the theme of what we're trying to present as a team."

Brock and Salk Blue 42 - Podcasts -
How far will NFL players go to take care of their bodies? What was the most insane expenditure Danny O'Neil has ever seen from a professional athlete? What is the biggest surprise the Seahawks rookies are in for now that they're working with the veterans?

Cold Hard Facts - Podcasts -
John Clayton explains why he believes Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will only get better in the 2013 season (17:52). Clayton also discusses the brewing competition for the backup running back position between Robert Turbin and Christine Michael (7:03), his impressions after Seattle's rookie minicamp (2:09) and what he thought of possible backup quarterback Jerrod Johnson (8:03). Clayton also weighs in on the possibility of current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez coming to Seattle (9:05) and when he thinks Pete Carroll will begin negotiating for a contract extension (15:07).

Considerations with Eric Mangini, consultants - ESPN
Eric Mangini has strong ties to San Francisco 49ers management and coaches dating back at least 15 years.

Betting on St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford: Hype vs. reality - ESPN
The 2013 narrative for St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is predictable. It is plausible. It is also probably overstating things for dramatic effect.

Stark football products Gamble, Steiner chasing NFL dreams - Canton, OH -
Early Friday morning, Brian Gamble and his fiancée welcomed a child into the world. By Saturday night, Gamble was having his own labor pains. And Adam Steiner was patiently waiting, also.

Ex-UBC, SFU wide receiver Victor Marshall impresses in Seattle, inks deal with Seahawks | The Province
“I had the privilege of coaching Victor for two years and his combination of speed and size was very apparent from the first time I met him,” UBC head coach Shawn Olson told after working with Marshall as SFU’s offensive coordinator and then in his first season as ‘Birds head coach. “He was always a hard worker and playing for his hometown Seahawks was his dream. I am really proud that he has continued to pursue his dream over the past two years and has created this opportunity for himself.”

Daryl Washington now backup for Arizona Cardinals -
Daryl Washington worked with the Arizona Cardinals second-team defense in Tuesday's practice. Are the Cardinals sending a message to the linebacker in the wake of his troubling offseason?

2013 NFL Draft Fallout: Seattle Seahawks -
The Seattle Seahawks' first draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft was a talented running back with a checkered history. Sound familiar? So why test fate again by drafting Christine Michael?

Seahawks Rookies Expected To Make Impact 2013 - Seattle Seahawks, NFL, Chris Harper
NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson gives you five rookies that he expects to make an impact for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013. Players like Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Marshawn Lynch, and Kam Chancellor all give Seattle a shot at reaching another Super Bowl. And though the plethora of talent across the board is great for the direction the team is headed, it often creates a tough environment for rookies to really break out in. Watch for Jesse Williams and Chris Harper in 2013.

Jags using Denard Robinson at quarterback, too | ProFootballTalk
When the 2013 NFL draft began, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was deemed to be a receiver. When the Jaguars selected Robinson in round five, they dubbed him a running back. It has since become clear he'll play both positions.

Offseason Review: AFC East | National Football Post
A look at the moves that will shape the division in 2013

Ranking NFL QBs: Rodgers, Brady, Peyton and Brees are elites -
There are four elite NFL QBs -- Rodgers, Brady, Manning (Peyton) and Brees. We rank them all, from No. 1 down to the Manuel-Kolb experiment in Buffalo.

114-Day NFL Warning: Percy Harvin Is a Seahawk, Everybody - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
OK, so I know what you’re thinking: If you’re going to start a countdown this far in advance (which is admittedly crazy), why not just wait to start on a round number? I’ll tell you why — because Simmons is the boss, and he wasn’t going to go another day without a reason to get excited about football season: It's time.

Sifting Through What's Left of the NFL's Free-Agent Heap - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
The first few days of NFL free agency are a jumble of names, rumors, and fan delusion (mostly the fan delusion). No matter how many times we see a team win a Super Bowl on the back of solid drafting and player development, early March always becomes a time when the next big name is going to put that offseason champion over the top. After a week or so, the big prizes are gone, and attention turns to the next set of saviors — that year’s crop of first-round picks.

Hawk Talk: Competition for Steven Hauschka - Blog -
Danny O'Neil hosted another edition of "Hawk Talk" Wednesday. The full transcript can be found here. Highlights are below.

Richard Sherman hires replacement ref from Seahawks-Packers game as charity ump | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Remember that infamous Seattle-Green Bay Monday Night Football game last season where the replacement refs completely butchered the outcome? (Sorry, Packers fans.)

Vikings make Webb a full-time receiver | ProFootballTalk
Drafted in the sixth round three years ago as a receiver, Joe Webb has returned to that position.

Cardinals’ GM: Mathieu could be the best playmaker in the draft | ProFootballTalk
Was Tyrann Mathieu too big a risk for the Cardinals in the third round of the NFL draft? If Mathieu is as talented as Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim thinks, then the real risk would have been passing on an opportunity to add him in the third round.

Emery essentially closes door on Urlacher, keeps it open on Carimi | ProFootballTalk
It’s unclear why Carimi is boycotting offseason workouts. The absences began after a report emerged in the Chicago Tribune that Carimi could be competing not for a position in the starting lineup but a roster spot. Perhaps Carimi is looking for either an assurance that he’ll be on the team, or an accelerated exit.