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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Wednesday


Otto Greule Jr

Hump day you guys!

Russell Wilson's talent and more OTA observations - Blog -
Ten observations from the Seahawks' first OTA practice on Monday that only a backup, middle child, left-handed quarterback can provide. Here goes ...

'He's going to get hit in the chin a bunch' - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Carson Palmer was in focus when ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck set expectations for the Arizona Cardinals' new quarterback at the 1:11 mark of the NFL32 video above.

Seahawks need to do more on PED issue | - Sports
Seattle's five PED suspensions since head coach Pete Carroll took over in 2010 are the most in the NFL

The O.G. is the new nickel corner | Mitch in the Morning - Seattle's live and local sports station
Antoine Winfield had a chance to return to the Minnesota Vikings for more money than he may have received anywhere else, but Seattle was still the most appealing option.

NFL draft shouldn't be moved, despite increased hype it will bring - NFL - Peter King -
I've been trying to find reasons to justify the NFL pushing back the draft by a whopping three weeks next season, to Mother's Day weekend, May 15-17. I can't find one. I'm not alone.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is 'miles ahead' of last offseason -
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says that Russell Wilson is ahead of the learning curve entering his second year in the league.

Seattle Seahawks could be fined for multiple bans - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks face a possible fine for multiple members of the team being suspended for violating the NFL's steroid and personal conduct policy, league spokesman Greg Aiello told Blog | Russell Wilson gives offense even stronger legs to stand on
“I’ve worked on my legs a lot,” Wilson said Monday after the team’s first OTA session. “That’s kind of the main thing that I’ve been working on all offseason, in terms of squatting a lot more (weight) and doing a lot more of movement stuff on my feet just to have that strong base. “I’ve gained a couple of pounds here and there in my legs.”

NFL, Microsoft strike deal to enhance fans' TV viewing of games -
The NFL and Microsoft, through its next generation Xbox device, are combining to upgrade interactive TV viewing of pro football games in a multiyear agreement announced Tuesday.

Geno Smith headlines rookies under immense pressure in 2013 -
It's only May, but particular rookies already feel the media crunch. Which first-year player faces the most daunting spotlight in 2013? Our analysts debate, with Geno Smith getting plenty of love.

Against the odds | National Football Post
The 49ers will be a popular Super Bowl pick in 2013. But supporters should take note of a few key factors working against the team.

Pro Bowl teams picked by captains “may happen” this year | ProFootballTalk
In addition to discussing changes to the league's offseason schedule on Tuesday in Boston, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also addressed the future of the Pro Bowl.

Average age rankings for projected* starters - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Some starting jobs will change hands when NFL players compete during training camps this summer. Most are relatively easy to project based on factors such as past production, health and 2013 draft status.

The Most Pass-Happy Coaches in NFL History
Yesterday, I looked at the most pass-happy active head coaches and offensive coordinators in the NFL. If you’ve been a loyal reader of my previous posts on Game Scripts, you understand the methodology I’ve used today to grade each coaches. The quick summary is I’ve come up with the term “Game Scripts” to determine the average points margin over each of the 3600 seconds in each game; from there, I also came up with Game Scripts scores for each season. If you then take each coach’s pass/run ratio, adjust for the league average pass/run ratio, and then adjust for Game Scripts, then you can determine each coach’s passing identity. I’ve done this for every season since 1940.

Which coaches are the most pass happy?
One reason I came up with the concept of Game Scripts was to identify the most pass-happy coaches. Remember, a team’s Game Script score is simply their average scoring differential over each second of every game. Last year, the Falcons were the most pass-happy team in the NFL after adjusting for Game Scripts; Atlanta had the 5th highest Game Script (average lead of 3.6 points) and the 7th highest Pass/Run Ratio (63.0%). To put that in perspective, none of the other top 16 teams in Game Scripts had a Pass/Run Ratio of even sixty percent. The Falcons used to be run-heavy, of course, but as Michael Turner aged while Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White matured, they’ve become a passing team.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Four Downs: NFC North
Bears general manager Phil Emery and new head coach Marc Trestman deserve credit for attacking their weaknesses aggressively in both the draft and in free agency. While big signing Jermon Bushrod is far from an elite tackle, and his Pro Bowls should probably be viewed as a second slot the NFC used on Drew Brees, he's a definite upgrade over the dreck the Bears have been using at left tackle for years. The cascade effect of his signing is that J'Marcus Webb, part of the aforementioned dreck, will get a chance to play on the right side against pass rushers that are generally weaker than those who gave him major problems as a starter for the last couple of seasons. First-round pick Kyle Long should help right away on the interior line, new tight end Martellus Bennett will give the Bears a competent stretch tight end, albeit one who had never posted a positive qualifying DVOA until last year's 3.8%. (DVOA is Football Outsiders' defense-adjusted value over average metric, explained here.) Second-round pick Jon Bostic and fourth-round pick Khaseem Greene are athletic move linebackers who should give the Bears plenty of fallback options if D.J. Williams and James Anderson have trouble replacing Brian Urlacher and Nick Roach.

Defense and Special Teams: Field Position Matters - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Nov 11, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin (51) celebrates a sack against the New York Jets during the third quarter at Ce

Adrian Wilson and a Return to a Typical Role with the New England Patriots | Pre Snap Reads
After Anquan Boldin led the Baltimore Ravens to a relatively easy victory in Foxboro to vault his team into the Super Bowl, it was clear that the New England Patriots had at least one fatal flaw on their defense. Not only was the Patriots’ secondary lacking talent and depth, but most notably it had no toughness.