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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday




Seahawks' Russell Wilson out to prove rookie year no fluke | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
What do you do for an encore after leading your team to the brink of the NFC championship game as a rookie starting quarterback? If you’re Russell Wilson, you move on to the next challenge. Blog | Tuesday in Hawkville: Michael Brooks showing he’s a fast learner
A recap of the activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center for June 11, as the Seahawks kicked off a mandatory three-day minicamp that will conclude their offseason program:

Why you won't recognize St. Louis Rams' offense - ESPN
Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer delivered an old-school message to players in the St. Louis Rams' first offensive meeting at training camp one year ago.

NFL summer observations | National Football Post
3) How Jim Harbaugh thinks: I spent a good amount of time around Jim Harbaugh when he coached at Stanford and USD. One thing I learned is that he reverse engineers every football decision he makes by first asking himself, "how would this decision affect the locker room?" Jim, being a former player is very sensitive as to how the players will react to his decisions. He will and has turned down endorsements because he thinks it’s not good for the team. Notice his Visa commercial had players in it. As he once put it to me, "Endorsements are the players turf, I don’t want to take away from them. I remember some of my Bears teammates didn’t like it when Ditka start doing a lot of TV commercials."

Film Sessions: Did Robert Griffin III Get Hurt Running The Read-Option?
It has always been Mike Shanahan’s assertion that the read-option actually protects the quarterback, rather than put him in harms way. I, personally have agreed with Mike Shanahan. In the passing game, the read-option slows the pass rush, effectively making the defense have to read and react instead of rush upfield right at the quarterback. It’s why the continued insistence that the best way to stop the read-option is to hit the quarterback makes so little sense; if you are overly aggressive (as Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick all proved) in a rush to hit the quarterback, either the quarterback can get a huge play, or the ball gets handed off the back, and you probably get flagged.

'So far, so good' for Rams' Ogletree : Sports
"He picks the ball off and you go, ‘OK, we’re OK there,’" coach Jeff Fisher said after day one of rookie minicamp in mid-May.

Seahawks' Baldwin hoping to regain his rookie form - Blog -
So when Baldwin had 11 catches halfway through an injury-riddled sophomore season, he wasn't simmering on the backburner so much as stewing. When you raise the bar as high as Baldwin did coming out of Stanford, it can end up leaving you feeling low. "A lot of it was I had so much pressure built on myself and high expectations on myself that I really didn't know if I could achieve," Baldwin said. "I kind of lost a little bit of confidence."

49ers Emphasize Red Zone Work
Greg Roman has made a greater emphasis on practicing in the red zone this offseason. It’s not being overdone – the 49ers are looking to improve on attacking from inside the 20-yard line – without it dominating the bulk of practice sessions.

Oakland Raiders quarterbacks ripped by reporters -
Yes, it's only June, but the Oakland Raiders quarterbacks are struggling to accomplish even the most basic functions. One reporter called Matt Flynn & Co.'s performance "among the worst in memory."

Geno Smith could run read-option for New York Jets -
The Tim Tebow experiment didn't work for the New York Jets last year. So you would think that Rex Ryan wouldn't want any quarterback to run a "package" of plays off the bench.

Offseason Review: AFC West | National Football Post
A look at the moves that will shape the division in 2013

Colts' Luck on what to improve: 'Everything, especially accuracy' -
Andrew Luck is one of the NFL's best and brightest young quarterbacks, and the expectation is that he and the Colts take another leap forward this season. But that could depend on Luck's development and how he and the offense respond to new coordinator Pep Hamilton -- who just so happens to be Luck's old offensive coordinator.

Cam Newton understands Panthers need to run | ProFootballTalk
Cam Newton has figured out something about his roster that seems apparent, but wasn’t always grasped by his coaches. Since he has a lot of good running backs at his disposal, it has occurred to the Panthers quarterback that perhaps he should use them.

The Dungy Index: Version 2.0
Back in 2006, Doug Drinen came up with the Dungy Index, a way to measure a coach’s performance in the regular season relative to expectations. Because Doug understands regression to the mean, he was impressed by Tony Dungy’s ability to continue to string together 12-win seasons year after year.1 But Doug didn’t want to just use winning percentage to rate coaches: expectations are lower when a coach inherits a bad team, and that needs to be taken into account.

Looking at Ways the Jacksonville Jaguars Can Use Denard Robinson like Doug Martin | Pre Snap Reads
Even though some sections of the fanbase were pleading for the arrival of another run-first quarterback, it still wasn’t exactly a surprise when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

Declining Player To Watch: Wes Welker | Audibles -
As we power through the summer toward training camps, Chris Burke will highlight players that interest him this season for various reasons. This week, he’s looking at three players who might regress in 2013.

Minding My Business With NFL Network Analyst, Former GM Charley Casserly - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global
It is safe to say CHARLEY CASSERLY knows a thing or two about the NFL, having been a front office exec in the league for over two decades before tackling the TV world as an analyst with NFL Network. The former Redskins and Texans GM, who now doubles as a professor at George Mason Univ., spoke with THE DAILY about the heightened scrutiny on people in his former position, why it is so important to strive for versatility in one's career goals, and how he talks himself off the ledge when a certain baseball team has a rough outing.

Seahawks fans should be thankful for Jim Harbaugh - Blog -
Jim Harbaugh is a smart man, a fantastic football coach, a driven competitor and a man I think football fans here in Seattle are lucky to have in the NFL.

On St. Louis Rams sniffing out San Francisco 49ers' play tendencies - ESPN
San Francisco 49ers safety Craig Dahl says his former team, the St. Louis Rams, played the 49ers tough last season in part because they sniffed out run-pass tendencies through personnel giveaways.

Jim Harbaugh's the type of guy who would (fill in the blank) (with tweets) · BrocknDanny · Storify
When the 49ers coach did everything but step up on an actual soapbox in talking about Seattle's suspensions for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs, it made us wonder just what kind of guy does that?

Arizona Cardinals 2013 Fantasy Preview
The Arizona Cardinals and the fantasy football have been poor companions for the last several years. Even perennial stalwart Larry Fitzgerald tailed off to WR3 status last season. However, they’ve added a capable offensive-minded head coach in Bruce Arians, and a formerly-elite, still-functional quarterback in Carson Palmer, and they poured some serious draft capital into upgrading their offensive line, so there may be some Cardinals who make fantasy noise this year. Let’s take a look at some projections.

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Fantasy Preview
The 2013 San Francisco 49ers will be a fascinating team. They’re currently atop a division that two years ago appeared to be theirs for the foreseeable future. They’ve nearly made back-to-back Super Bowls, and they came a few yards and several seconds away from winning it all last year. There’s been a good bit of turnover on the defensive side of the ball, and several key replacements are question marks. Their offense lost a crucial piece when Michael Crabtree was felled by a torn Achilles, and their questionable wide receiver depth is now doing more than stare at them. So where are they now compared to the last time they took the field?

Seattle Seahawks 2013 Fantasy Preview
The Seattle Seahawks’ offense got off to a slow start in 2012. As a self-titled run-first team with a rookie quarterback at the helm, their only consistent offensive fantasy performer for the first few weeks was running back Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson had a breakout game against the New England Patriots in Week 6, racking up 293 passing yards and tossing three touchdowns in a surprising win. Though he and the rest of the offense sputtered the next week in San Francisco, leading some fans to question the direction of the offense, the New England game was a turning point for the Seahawks’ coaching staff. Wilson had earned their trust, so they took the "training wheels" off their young quarterback and turned him loose on the league.

Rams’ Schottenheimer Conducts Orchestra of Weapons -
With the Rams wrapping up OTAs and eyeing the five-week alley prior to training camp, there is a marked shift in identify on display. There are some new faces and names, of course, but obvious upgrades relate to size, speed, explosiveness and athletic ability.

Tarvaris Jackson says he'll sign with Seahawks - Blog -
All indications are that the Seahawks are set to welcome back T-Jack.

Seahawks' Baldwin hoping to regain his rookie form - Blog -
Doug Baldwin's second season was only half bad. That wasn't nearly good enough, though. Not for the wide receiver who came to Seattle in 2011 as an undrafted rookie and wound up leading the team in catches.

Podcast: Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson on playing smart - ESPN
Passing along: audio from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's appearance on "Mike & Mike" Tuesday.

Tarvaris Jackson, a perfect backup for the Seahawks | Wait For It Seattle
When the Seahawks make the Tarvaris Jackson signing official, it will be a no-risk and plain smart move for everyone involved. It was only a year ago when Jackson was unceremoniously left out of the Seahawks picture at the quarterback position as a result of Russell Wilson’s emergence. Jackson all of a sudden went from the team’s 2011 starter to being passed up by a rookie and a backup in Matt Flynn.

Justin Smith Feels ‘Good to Go’
If the San Francisco 49ers had a game this week, Justin Smith would tape up his knuckles and line up in the trenches. "I’d be good to go," San Francisco’s second-team All-Pro defensive tackle said when asked if he could line up for a game in mid-June.

Pettis Pushing for Bigger Role
Entering just his third season in the NFL, Austin Pettis finds himself feeling something like an old man when he walks into the meeting room with his fellow receivers.

Richardson welcomes backfield competition : Sports
Daryl Richardson does not mind being challenged. In fact, he seems to enjoy it.

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