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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday



Thank god.

Snoop, Pete Carroll & more team up to give back | National Football Post
Notable NFL players in attendance for first annual ‘Snoop Youth Football Family Fun Day.”

The Future is Bright - ESPN Future Power Rankings - Turf Show Times
A year after ESPN released their initial Future Power Rankings, the Rams have flown up the board from the bottom third to the top...where does the Rams' ceiling over the next few years compare?

NFL - 49ers-Seahawks rivalry quickly grew fierce - ESPN
The hip-hop music finally had stopped thumping last week when an assortment of giddy corporate sponsors strolled toward the entrance to the Seattle Seahawks' locker room. The team was wrapping up its first day of an offseason minicamp, but the fun was only beginning for everybody in attendance. A small boy wearing a Russell Wilson jersey dashed onto the field to film a segment with players for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Hosts from a local radio affiliate sat down to conduct interviews. With players casually walking off the practice field, nobody was racing to find the valet who had parked their cars outside the team's training facility a couple hours earlier.

Raiders at Seahawks At-A-Glance
Our At-A-Glance series continues with a look at the Raiders 2013 Preseason match up with the Seahawks in Seattle.

Judging a QB by the company he keeps - NFC West Blog - ESPN
NFL teams have played 768 regular-season games over the past three seasons. Quarterbacks have made 1,536 starts, and in all but 30 cases, they logged at least 15 "action plays" -- defined as plays other than handoffs, spike plays and kneel-downs.

Will Golden Tate be out of the Seahawks' price range? - Blog -
The small fortune the Seahawks paid to Percy Harvin earlier this offseason meant the team would face tough decisions with some of its other wide receivers after 2013.

NFC Starting QB Grades | Fanspeak NFL Blog
NFC EAST: New York Giants - Eli Manning A Wavered between the A and A- but went A because Manning has two rings and always is out there. You count

Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 NFL Players Who Were Heisman Trophy Winners | Fanspeak NCAA Football Blog
The college football season will soon be upon us, so naturally, we got to thinking about the Heisman Trophy. But for this exercise, we’re not giving consideration to who might win it this year. Instead, we’re taking a look at past Heisman Trophy winners and ranking them based on how successful they were in their pro football careers.

Gore Fueled by Age Criticism
Frank Gore hears the comments of TV analysts speculating about his future. He has a good idea of what has been said and written as he enters his ninth season with the San Francisco 49ers. Gore, 30, is well aware of critics downplaying his future production.

Patton soaks up knowledge from 49ers veterans | CSN Bay Area
Wide receiver Quinton Patton is not fond of the description given to first-year players, such as himself.

Rams sign safety Giordano : Sports
The Rams have added veteran depth to the safety position, signing former Oakland Raider Matt Giordano on Friday.

The Most Indispensible Seahawks - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
At a time of year when there isn’t a lot of tangible news regarding the Seahawks, my mind often turns to the hypothetical. I have a bit of a pessimistic streak so when I speak about hypothetical situations what I’m usually getting at is apocalyptic level disasters. The Seahawks are clearly a good team and I have faith in the talent on the roster and in the front office. There is also enough depth on this team that it is hard to imagine any major disasters befalling the Seahawks in 2014. However, in a salary cap league it is impossible to be two deep at every position so today I thought I would look at the most indispensible players on the Seahawks roster.

Questions That Still Must Be Answered in NFL Training Camps | Bleacher Report
During organized team activities and minicamps, very few questions are answered about incoming rookies and free-agent signees. Any questions that go unanswered will remain unanswered until training camp rolls around at the end of July...

JaMarcus Russell now is a physically fit human -
JaMarcus Russell might not make it back to the NFL, but he deserves some respect for his ability to drop 51 pounds off his once rotund frame. We have some photographic proof via Twitter.

Beginning of the end? | National Football Post
Will New England’s troubling offseason carryover into the fall?

Q&A: Vikings' Jared Allen on the sack record, future of the NFL -
Jared Allen, the Vikings' star defensive end, sits down with Clark Judge to go over the evolution of the position, and whether or not the sack record will fall this season.

Questioning the Narrative on Larry Fitzgerald
In 2008, Larry Fitzgerald had a fantastic regular season capped off by a historically great postseason; in the Super Bowl, he set the record for receiving yards in a season, including playoff games, with 1,977 yards. Of course, 2008 was decades ago in today’s era of what have you done for me lately. The table below shows Fitzgerald’s stats over the past four seasons. The final two columns show the total number of receiving yards generated by all Cardinals players and Fitzgerald’s share of that number.

The 49'ers Get a Bargain with Justin Smith - Over the Cap
The numbers became official today for DE Justin Smith and his two year extension with the 49’ers- 2 years at an average of $4.35 million a season. By many accounts it is a very team friendly contract but I may as well add my two cents in on the topic as well.

Geno Atkins: Power, Speed, Versatility and Leverage | Pre Snap Reads
If pass-rushing defensive tackles are a hot topic around your dinner table, and I mean why wouldn’t they be, then you will undoubtedly be versed on the talents of the Cincinnati Bengals’ Geno Atkins. In any normal year Atkins would have been a very strong contender for defensive player of the year last season, but of course JJ Watt’s existence made that conversation moot fairly early on.

Fantasy Football Profile: Christine Michael
The Seattle Seahawks have developed a reputation for surprising the NFL world on draft day, and 2013 was no exception. They didn’t have a first-round pick after trading it to the Minnesota Vikings for Percy Harvin, so they weren’t on the clock until the 25th pick in the second round. They traded that pick to the Baltimore Ravens, so they finally made their first selection with the final pick in the second round, and they shocked everyone by picking a running back: Texas A&M’s Christine Michael. Why would the team that already cuts checks to Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin draft a player Mike Mayock called “as gifted as any tailback in the draft”?

77-Day NFL Warning: Justin Smith, 49er for Life - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Before the 49ers were the most talented, best-built team in pro football, they were the team with Patrick Willis and Justin Smith. Willis was a star from the start, with six Pro Bowl trips in his first six seasons, and it’s hard to imagine him being anything but a 49er for a very long time. Smith came to San Francisco in Willis’s second season, via a massive free-agent deal after his time in Cincinnati. Justin Smith is the rare player who’s so good at the things that normally go overlooked that it becomes impossible to overlook them.

Bruce Arians praises Tyrann Mathieu in TV interview - Revenge of the Birds
In his interview on NFL AM on Wednesday, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu. Arians had words of praise for the rookie. "It wasn't two or three...

49ers salary cap: Looking ahead to future seasons and free agents - Niners Nation
The 49ers have consistently re-signed young talent. As the salary cap tightens up, how will the 49ers work around it?