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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday

Thaaaaaaaaaank god...

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...It's TGIF.

Study up in Seattle » Sports » Tahlequah Daily Press
“It’s basically all football,” Bowie said. “I usually stay in my room. I just keep working out and staying in shape. I’m just looking over my playbook and staying away from all the negativity.”

My Perfect Formations: The Seattle Seahawks | Pre Snap Reads
You may not have noticed yet, because of the simply unbelievable Aaron Hernandez story, but we’ve firmly entered the deadzone of the NFL’s 12-month calendar. This is the time of the year when writers are either taking a much needed vacation or desperately trying to stretch every minor story into major breaking news. At least, that is the case for those writers who are employed by newspapers or large media companies. Blog | Russell Wilson up for ESPY
The nominees are in, and Russell Wilson is up for the Breakthrough Athlete of the Year after taking the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs as a rookie. He goes up against San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick who took the 49ers to the Super Bowl, Johnny “Football” Manziel of Texas A&M who was the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, as well as two Los Angeles Major League Baseball players in Yaseil Puig of the Dodgers and Mike Trout of the Angels. Blog | A Happy Bobby Birthday
The way Bobby Wagner played last season, it was hard to believe the Seahawks’ middle linebacker was only a rookie.

Will Sutton (DT, Arizona State) vs California « Seahawks Draft Blog
Will Sutton (DT, Arizona State) vs California

Chasing his brother led Richard Sherman to a state track title
Richard Sherman, the Seahawks’ All-Pro cornerback, never intended to compete in track and field because he was too busy with football, basketball and baseball at Dominguez High School. But one thing led to another and ended with a state title.

Championship would redefine Carroll's coaching legacy
Pete Carroll returned to the NFL with a blueprint and a reputation.

Video: Cardinals rookie receiver Robert Gill runs 25 MPH - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robert Gill -- at 29 the oldest rookie in the NFL -- runs 25 mph on a treadmill.

'Top 100 Players of 2013': What we learned -
The "Top 100 Players of 2013" list has been unveiled in full. The guys at Around The League offer their takeaways on the countdown, including Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning's ranking.

Making the Leap: No. 37 Browns TE Jordan Cameron -
Around The League continues its "Top 40 Players Making a Leap in 2013" with a look at the Cleveland Browns' Jordan Cameron, who's aiming to become the next success story at tight end.

Planning Wide Receiver Dollar and Draft Spending - Over the Cap
In doing the best and worst contract articles and then re-hashing yesterday some old thoughts on Mike Wallace I thought what might be interesting was to look at just how important a WR is to a specific offense when deciding to throw money at them. Normally I would just look at WR targets for this but with the TE’s in the news in New England I thought I would include them as well.

Helu Jr.'s unique treatment yields results | National Football Post
Injury-plagued rusher is on the rehab trail, finding improvement through ‘dry needling.’

70-Day NFL Warning: Let's Enjoy Tony Gonzalez While We Still Can - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
When the Atlanta Falcons’ season ended in last year’s NFC Championship Game, one worry for the organization and for fans was that Tony Gonzalez’s career had ended along with it. The now-37-year-old tight end had hinted that 2012 would be his final season, and the feeling after Atlanta’s soul-crushing loss to the 49ers was that Gonzalez was walking off the field for the final time. Well, lucky for us, he wasn’t.

Contract-Year Player to Watch: Brian Orakpo | Audibles -
Just as Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo was about to cement himself as a defensive star in the NFL, just as he had become a big enough name to star in commercials featuring cavemen and rather egregious disregard for the rules of Scrabble, his ascension was halted.

Rookie Denard Robinson, the NFL's First Listed "Offensive Weapon"
This week, the Jacksonville Jaguars made news during a slow news cycle. No, it's got no involvement with them moving to London. The news was the listing of 5th round pick Denard Robinson's position. Instead of being dubbed as a quarterback or running back, both positions he played while at the University of Michigan, or wide receiver, where he played at the Senior Bowl, Robinson now has an “OW” next to his name for Offensive Weapon .

Jamaal Charles excited for Chiefs' use of pistol offense -
The Chiefs were at times a historically bad offense in 2012. Is a new scheme and a new quarterback enough to make them "explosive"? At least one player seems to think so.

Aaron Hernandez murder, gun charges explained -
Aaron Hernandez has been charged with six crimes, including first degree murder. What do the various charges mean?