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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Saturday



Weekend. Hot.

2013 ESPYS - July 2013 ESPN
The Polls Are Open The nominees are in, your voice is all that stands between nomination and ESPYS legend. Cast your vote now! And remember, check back for the second round of Best Play.

Zach Miller displaying just how valuable he is
With Anthony McCoy out after tearing an Achilles tendon, rookie Luke Willson and second-year tight end Sean McGrath are showing they have what it takes to fill the No. 2 spot behind starter Zach Miller.

McDonald made strides on and off the field | CSN Bay Area
The most impressive rookie during the 49ers' offseason program also made vast improvements off the field, too.

Eight in the Box: Can't-lose players - NFC West Blog - ESPN
St. Louis: Defensive tackle Michael Brockers. There isn’t just one name that stood out to me for the Rams. Chris Long came to mind, as did Cortland Finnegan and James Laurinaitis. St. Louis has so many offensive weapons now that I believe it can afford to lose one or two. Jake Long also crossed my mind, but I think people forget that Long really didn’t play very well in 2012. I expect Alec Ogletree to make a huge immediate impact on St. Louis’ defense, but he is an unproven rookie. Few know it, but Brockers is an animal -- and on the verge of stardom. Few rookies last season improved as dramatically as Brockers did during the course of the season, and this guy is simply loaded with talent. I am expecting Brockers to assert himself as a Pro Bowl-caliber defensive tackle and the best player on the Rams defense during the 2013 season. For that reason, he will be truly indispensable.

49ers Blog and Q&A: Kaepernick: A body that doesn't know rest never craves it
Colin Kaepernick said he listened to and appreciated Jim Harbaugh's warning this offseason that a quarterback shouldn't get too big and too muscle-bound in the weight room. But he's not going to spend his month-long hiatus on the couch, either.

The three plays that led to Bishop Sankey's 60-yd TD - UW Dawg Pound
Earlier this week I broke down the first three plays of the drive against Stanford that led to a certain 60-yard TD run by Bishop Sankey. When I wrote it, it dawned on me that some of the readers...

UW's Late 3rd Quarter Drive vs. Stanford -- Part I - UW Dawg Pound
With summer going on and the dead months of the year upon us, I decided I would start to break down a little bit of film from last season to give y'all some love during this slow time. What better...

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Your 2013 Seahawks Jersey Buying Guide
With Seahawks Training Camp less than a month away, it's time for Twelves to think about buying a new jersey for the upcoming season. Particularly if you're planning on catching one of those public sessions at the VMAC, you don't wanna be the poor bastard that has to show up in a Matt Flynn jersey. So if you have the necessary means (at least $100 - Damn you, Nike!), now's the time to start your deliberations. First, my annual advice to all Twelves when it comes to jerseys:

Making the Leap: No. 36 Redskins DE Jarvis Jenkins -
Around The League continues its "Top 40 Players Making the Leap in 2013" series with a look at Washington Redskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins. Can he add a key pass-rushing element in 2013?

Jamaal Charles: Alex Smith a Super Bowl-caliber QB -
Jamaal Charles is a big believer of his new quarterback, Alex Smith. Charles is confident Smith is going to prove a lot of people wrong with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lawrence Okoye: Football is hardest thing I've done -
Lawrence Okoye is a British Olympian, but even he hasn't experienced anything harder than learning the ropes with the San Francisco 49ers. The rookie defensive lineman admits it's been quite the learning curve in the NFL.

2nd-year RBs: Bryce Brown - Going Deep -
Do a little research on Bryce Brown's background and you'll quickly realize this was a young player who never wanted to attend college. The No. 1 high school recruit in the entire nation in 2009 -- ranked ahead of Trent Richardson, Matt Barkley, and Lamar Miller among many higher-profile others -- Brown would bounce around schools and perform ineffectively when he played. His college career consisted of 13 games. Brown did just enough to satisfy his NFL eligibility during a three-carry 2011 season at Kansas State, quit the team, and promptly entered the 2012 NFL draft.

Finders keepers | National Football Post
Joe Fortenbaugh takes a look at 15 of the NFP’s favorite 2013 keeper options.

Agent's Take: 15 star players at career crossroads -
With training camps around the corner, former agent Joel Corry examines 15 big-name players who enter 2013 at a career crossroads.

Drew Brees: Saints will “re-create our identity” this season | ProFootballTalk
Last year was a mess for the New Orleans Saints, with the bounty scandal costing them their coach and serving as a distraction throughout the season, and a team that had made the playoffs three straight years slipped to 7-9. This year, Saints quarterback Drew Brees says, things will be different.

Kaepernick trying to balance rest and readiness | ProFootballTalk
Colin Kaepernick has heard coach Jim Harbaugh’s concerns that he might be getting “too jacked-up.” At the same time, he’s finding it hard to fight his own urge to work out more.

Another way to examine the best wide receiver seasons ever
We don’t rank quarterbacks by passing yards because “passing yards” is largely a function of pass attempts. The same is true for receiving yards, as the number of times a team passes the ball has a big impact on a receiver’s yardage total. I’ve spent some time this year looking at ways to rank wide receivers and am throwing another log on that fire today. One idea I like in theory is receiving yards per team pass attempt, as it helps to solve the problem of dealing with receivers who play on pass-heavy teams.

The Tape Never Lies: James Casey has the talent to catch more passes, but will he? | 100 Yards and Running | Blogs |
You’ve probably noticed by now that football coaches tend to be set in their ways. They have a vision of how their teams will play, and that vision is the only correct one in their view. It’s why they select players to fit that vision and teach them how to see it as well. One marriage of vision and selection that hasn’t always matched up is the Houston Texans and former H-back James Casey.

Fast Finishers, Slow Closers - Offseason Low Down -
In the age of Twitter, edges have become ever harder to come by in fantasy football. Information has never been in greater supply, but neither has the amount of people dissenting it. That tip you used to be able to find and keep for yourself? All 11 of your league mates have read it, too. It’s why Lamar Miller and T.Y. Hilton aren’t the insider secrets they may have been 10 years ago.