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A win is a win?

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I don't know. I said that phrase so many times last night. I don't know. "Is a loss better in the long term to jump start the offense?" I don't know. "Is Russell Wilson doing enough to help this team?" I don't know. "Is Golden Tate breaking through or is everyone else just worse than him?" I don't know. "Will Pete Carroll continue see his offense commit penalties?" I don't know.

What I do know is Seahawks offense must pick it up. A bunch has been said about Darrell Bevell. However, Russell Okung and the offensive team in general committed too many penalties to definitively say Bevell's play calling was bad or predictable. He alone didn't put these guys in the long down and distances they found themselves in and until that disappears and the team is only dropping seven on teams I'll be willing to converse about a change, but not until then.

Pete Carroll suggested you blame him for the conservative gameplan to limit turnovers, and mentioned he would do the same thing with Matt Flynn. I'm not gonna torch him for the way he wanted the game called. Green Bay's defense led the league in creating turnovers last season. It's only natural to want to limit their chances to flip a game because you don't want to put your defense in the short field.

Russell Wilson is doing one the things I was worried about: drifting in the pocket. Some people will say he's extending the play, but if you don't set yourself to throw, more bad will happen than good. QBs who use their feet a lot tend to do this too often and then all the sudden throws don't come out right, your shoulders aren't square and the likely event of throwing off your back foot becomes almost a guarantee.

Part of me thinks a loss would have been better here because the offense deserved to wear this game on it's chin. I don't think the win will keep Pete Carroll from being honest with the guys, but nothing is more honest than a loss like this for the offense. Russell Okung needs to pick it up and be a good player. I didn't know if I was watching him or Flozell Adams.

Receivers must beat man-to-man coverage. None of Seattle's wideouts, outside of Golden Tate, have been definitively doing this and Rice and Edwards are proving that quickness isn't a strong suit at all. All I know is, Rice has been a non factor for 2 games and he's being paid 8 million dollars. At this rate, I'd say call Darrell Jackson and give him a knee transplant because if I watch anymore receivers lose one on one I'm gonna lose hope for this teams' offensive prospects.

Marshawn Lynch was his usual self and did all he could to help the offense. A win is a win and as dirty or as good or as much as it helps us put this game to bed. I think this was a game where 2/3 of the team showed up and Marshawn Lynch was the offense and the passing game made one play. There's a huge problem in Seattle and it starts with the 10 on offense not named Lynch.

I think over the next few weeks we need to see growth from the QB, OL, and WR. No more holds or false starts or delay of games. We need to see Rice arrive as our true #1 threat. We need to see more passes to backs. If you're going to have training wheels on your QB as the offense grows around him, then give him more than TEs and 4th and 5th receivers running out patterns as his options. Robert Turbin showed excellent speed and competency running and expecting the ball and Michael Robinson and Marshawn Lynch can catch too. Captain check down is better than Mr. Drift and toss.

I'm not against a conservative gameplan. Mike Holmgren typically ran conservative plans with young QBs too until they and the offense learned to execute the basics of play concepts. Eventually as they got better the play calling opened up. I just hope this offense can get it together before this "Win" becomes meaningless.