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Danny Kelly

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The key to the Panthers’ unstoppable run game

The Panthers had the NFL's most productive offense this season thanks to a creative running game built around their quarterback. Here's what they can do that no other team can.

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The best NFL tight end nobody's talking about

He doesn't have a party bus or anything like that, but the Panthers explosive offense runs through its tight end.

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3 ways the Seahawks can win with Doug Baldwin

The biggest matchup to watch this week? Doug Baldwin vs. Josh Norman.

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As the NFL opens up the air, DBs are sitting ducks

Last year, the NFL Competition Committee enacted stricter enforcement of rules protecting wide receivers. The game might never be the same.

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NFL scouting: Not just throwing darts

Risers, fallers, winners, losers, sleepers, reaches and busts. The feats and fiascos by front offices during the three-day spectacle that is the modern NFL Draft has become the stuff of legend and infamy. But what is the real process like?

Seahawks Replay Booth: Darrell Bevell schemin'

Taking a look at the offensive gameplay the Seahawks employed vs. the Vikings.

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How ego in an NFL war room ruins best-laid plans

NFL war rooms crumble due to the same pitfalls ever year. The future of your favorite franchise will depend on how well a scant few people can keep their wits about them.

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Ron Wolf's scouting tree made today's NFL

The former Raiders and Packers GM drafted legends and set the standard for building an organization through unrelenting scouting. His methods are still being replicated around the NFL.

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The godfather of zone blocking

While the offenses for the Broncos and Seahawks were on opposite ends of the spectrum in Super Bowl XLVIII in terms of style, both were rooted in blocking scheme principals developed by Alex Gibbs.

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The quiet giant goes to Canton

Walter Jones didn't need to go to training camp or be outspoken. He just showed up and dominated for more than a decade. Now he's headed to the Hall of Fame.

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How Tom Brady got surgical against Seattle

New England lined up, identified the matchups they wanted, then exploited them.

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How the Seahawks saved their season in 6 minutes

The wild finish to the NFC Championship game will go down as one of the most unlikely and unbelievable comebacks in the history of the NFL playoffs.

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The Seahawks need Michael Bennett's hands

What sets the Seahawks pass rusher apart from so many of his peers? Hand fighting. It's become an essential part of the team's defensive philosophy.

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The real value of rushing yards

Two teams that run the ball exceptionally well, the Seahawks and the Panthers, will square off Saturday. Danny Kelly says it's a clear reminder of how balance and creativity are key.

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The Xs & Os behind Richard Sherman's big play

Take away the postgame interview and all the hot takes, and Richard Sherman's pass deflection is actually a pretty routine play for an extraordinary Seattle secondary. Danny Kelly breaks down the play that launched a thousand think pieces.

Reloaded: Russell Wilson has changed

There's no arguing now that Russell Wilson has turned a corner in his development as a quarterback, particularly when it comes to his trust in -- and ability to throw from -- the pocket.

Redzone execution key for Hawks down the stretch

Seattle's offense needs to sharpen execution in the redzone in order to give themselves an edge over the final four weeks.

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Don't sleep on the Falcons offense

It's easy to joke about the NFC South this season, but if the Atlanta Falcons win the division and slide into the playoffs, Matt Ryan and Co. could up having the last laugh. Danny Kelly breaks it down.

Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks' complete run game

Who needs to be the second-half MVP to finish the year strong?

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The Steelers are fun again

Snopp Dogg shouldn't have anything to complain about when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers offense in the second half of the season.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Just how you 'draw' it up

See what I did there? This is about a draw play.

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The gutsy play that explains the Cardinals

The Cardinals have a strong case as the best team in the NFC, and they're doing it with smart, gutsy plays on the field. John Brown's 75-yard touchdown catch is the prime example, says Danny Kelly.

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The Chiefs' surprise package

Kansas City is quietly humming along as one of the NFL's most effective offenses thanks to their package plays. Danny Kelly steps into the film room for a closer look at what's so frustrating for defenses trying to stop the Chiefs.

Seahawks get heavy vs. Rams

Does the Seahawks' use of heavy sets vs. Rams signal a change in their style going forward?

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The Lions' biggest play of the season

Corey Fuller's touchdown in the final two minutes capped off an unlikely Lions rally over the Saints. Danny Kelly explains how they did it.

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Tony Romo's magic trick revealed

Against all odds, Tony Romo kept the Cowboys alive with a 23-yard pass to Terrance Williams on third-and-20. Danny Kelly takes a closer look at how he did it.

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How the Seahawks will stop Dallas

Run defense is sexy. Ok, maybe not, but it's damn important.

Seahawks Game Notebook: Seattle beats Washington

The Seahawks moved to 3-1 on Monday Night with a victory over Washington. Well, enough chit chat, let's get down to business.

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DeMarco Murray makes the Cowboys worth watching

The Dallas Cowboys rode DeMarco Murray and a more balanced offensive approach to a 3-1 start. Can the Cowboys keep winning like this?

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The Cardinals are right where they belong

Take a look at the standings. Notice which team is on top of the tough NFC West with a 3-0 record? It's no fluke. The Arizona Cardinals have arrived. Danny Kelly takes a closer look at the most surprising team of 2014.

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The rise of the 'offensive weapon' in the NFL

The lines are blurring between receiver and running back, and teams are finding more ways to use hybrid players. Danny Kelly shows how teams are using receivers as de facto running backs this season.

When keeping it real goes right

The Seahawks may be at the forefront of the NFL's change toward spreading it out, but they can still line up in their heavy run sets and come at you.

Marcus Burley to be thrown into the fire at nickel

Let's focus on Burley.

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Percy Harvin is just getting started

Percy Harvin gives the Seattle Seahawks offense a whole new dimension.

An illustrated guide to playing cornerback

Breaking down why cornerback is one of the most highly paid positions in the NFL.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Scat protection

Back to some Xs and Os.


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