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Danny Kelly

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'We ran into a buzz saw'

The Denver Broncos were stunned by what they saw from the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe they shouldn't have been. Danny Kelly sits down in the film room for a closer look at what had the Broncos on their heels in the big game.

Just be yourselves

Pete Carroll's cultural & schematic philosophies apparent in Seattle's Playoffs run.

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Is Russell Wilson a 'game manager'?

Russell Wilson has been stamped with a label most quarterbacks resent, but what kind of player is he really?

The Seahawks' L.O.B., the cover-3 & man-free

The NFL is a passing league. It's stated so often these days that it's almost a cliche.

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Behind the Boom

You probably know them as the Legion of Boom, but there's more to Seattle's historic pass defense than nicknames. Danny Kelly heads to the film room to take a look at how Pete Carroll turns simple concepts into spectacular play.

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Rocky Mountain arsenal

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas helped Peyton Manning set NFL records for passing and touchdowns. Danny Kelly breaks down why the Seahawks are going to have their hands full on Feb. 2.

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Conference Championship X-factors

The NFL's Final Four. The Conference Championship Weekend. We're there, ladies and gentlemen. Danny Kelly breaks down the matchups that matter.

A rejuvenated Marshawn Lynch

The run game remains the Seahawks' offensive identity.

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The Divisional round's most important matchups

This weekend's Divisional round games are bigger than just a handful of superstar quarterbacks. Danny Kelly takes us to the film room for a look at the weekend's most critical matchups.

Revisiting Percy Harvin's potential impact

Harvin returned to practice Tuesday, and chances are looking up that he'll play this weekend.

The Seahawks' versatile & athletic front-seven

Breaking down how Seattle stifled a high-octane Saints' offense.

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Wild Card weekend: Offensive signatures

Which teams will walk away winners on Wild Card weekend? It's hard to say, but all eight squads playing this week will be looking to do some damage with their signature offensive plays. Danny Kelly sits down in the film room for a closer look.

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The little things that make big plays work

Pulling guards, play-action passes, misdirection and more ... Danny Kelly goes into the film room to break down the little things that made for big plays in a record-setting week of scoring in the NFL.

Breaking down Frank Gore's 51-yard run

Frank Gore's game-altering 51-yard run came at the 4:21 mark of the fourth quarter and started at San Francisco's 31 yard line.

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What makes Seattle's defensive front so good?

Defensive tackles in coverage, linebackers darting around the field and pass rushers in unexpected places, the Seattle Seahawks' do-it-all front seven clamped down on Drew Brees and revealed what makes it the most feared unit in the NFL.

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Long live the read option

The most talked about offensive scheme of 2012 is still thriving this season thanks to its ongoing evolution.

The Russell Wilson - Marshawn Lynch connection

It's cliche to say, but Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch are the heart and soul of the Seahawks' offense.

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Breaking down bunch formations

What's that gaggle of receivers crowded off the offensive tackle? It's a bunch formation, and it's rapidly becoming one of the most important offensive concepts in the NFL. Danny Kelly heads to the film room for a closer look.

Don't hate Golden Tate

Golden Tate becoming the Seahawks' go-to guy on offense.

"You gotta be able to stare down the gun barrel"

Russell Wilson's big-time throws vs. the Bucs.

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Breaking down the Carolina Panthers' defense

Danny Kelly puts the Panthers defense under the microscope to understand how one of the league's most surprising units has become the backbone of a Super Bowl hopeful.

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Understanding unlikely stars Alonso, Houston

Two defensive players who didn't get much recognition in August have played their way to first half stardom. Danny Kelly heads to the film room for a closer look at what makes Bills LB Kiko Alonso and Chiefs LB Justin Houston so special.

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Let's get zone blitzed!

In the modern NFL, getting to the quarterback with a standard four-man pass rush seems to have become exceedingly difficult. This is where creative scheming and the zone blitz come in.

Offensive X's & O's from Seattle's win at Arizona

The Seahawks went down to Arizona Thursday, on a short week, to face off against the Cardinals - Football Outsiders' 7th ranked defense per DVOA. They ended up doing some good things.

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Breaking down the big-time throws

These guys make it look it easy, but playing quarterback in the NFL is the most difficult job in sports. Here's a closer look at how Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford and the league's top quarterbacks can steal a game.

The Seahawks' intermediate passing game

Plus, Russell Wilson's "scatter chart".

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Red zone moneymakers

You can learn a lot about a team by watching what it does in the red zone. In the right hands, a toolbox of tough plays translates to touchdowns inside the 20. Here's how a few of the mainstays work.

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A look at the Colts' revamped run game

Under offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, the Indianapolis Colts are the latest team to embrace innovations in the ground game to beat opposing defenses. Here's a look at how they do it.

The best drive of the Seahawks' 2013 season

"Sidney and I were talking after that drive, and that was the biggest drive we've had so far. I think it was the most important thing that we did today in terms of offense." - Russell Wilson.

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The NFL's '5-tool' players

They're an offensive coordinator's best friend, and a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Speedy, versatile players like Jamaal Charles, Darren Sproles and Golden Tate are changing the game.

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An illustrated guide to playing cornerback

Who's the best corner in the NFL right now? Richard Sherman would tell you that he is, and he makes a good case for it.

The no-huddle/hurry-up offense

Editor's note: My column on the No-Huddle/Hurry-Up Offense can be found over at, but I figured that there is some Seahawk-specific context worth including here at Field Gulls.

Seahawks replay booth: Salting away the game

How Seattle ran the final 5:25 off the clock to guarantee the win.

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Learning to love the no-huddle offense

Last year was all about the read option. In 2013, the NFL world is buzzing about the hurry-up and no-huddle offenses. How will the latest round of offensive innovation impact the game?

Seahawks-Panthers: A strength on strength matchup

Game preview time.

Being the dictator

Seahawks run-heavy vs. spread-out personnel groupings


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