Aaron Curry released by Raiders


So there's that....

NFL AM: 'Double Coverage': Optimus Prime


Richard Sherman on's NFL AM

NFL AM: "Richard Sherman on the field"


Richard Sherman on's NFL AM

Pick 6 lineups due by Thursday Night Football kickoff


Pick 6 Football is back for Week 11. Make sure and get your lineups in by kickoff Thursday evening. If you haven't played before, simply pick six players at different positions, fitting in under a salary cap. The player to accumulate the most points by the end of the week wins.

Sherman is not in the top 5 in Pro Bowl Voting


We, as Seahawk fans, need to bombard the Pro-Bowl voting ballots to ensure Mebane and Sherman are Pro Bowlers. Once a day, go over to and vote for your fellow Seahawks. Think about the amount of times on the bye week that you can do this? Sunday no funday with no game so click them into the Pro Bowl.

A great PFF piece on Sherman


"Revis Island may be about to become an archipelago, flanked by Sherman Island in a sea from which there is no escape for receivers."

Can We Please Get Russ a Nod This Week?


Voting is unlimited - Apparently, Luck & RGIII are leaps and bounds better than our QB. Not buying it - He deserves some shine! ROCK THE VOTE!

Alec Sulkin tells off Richard Sherman


This is a few weeks old but I just saw it now. Family Guy/TED writer and producer and Patriots fan Sulkin took shots at Sherman after his brouhaha with Tom Brady. Hopefully this is career "billboard material" for the Sherminator.