#BamMode Marshawn Lynch sports a Kam Chancellor jersey at practice



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Browns Claim Robert Turbin, Waive Terrelle Pryor


So the Seahawks effectively cost Terrelle Pryor another job by waiving Robert Turbin. I'm guessing this guy is really starting to hate Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

Dave Dameshek's N-if-L: What if Le'Veon Bell never got injured?


According to Dameshek, had Bell never taken that shot to the right knee in the final week of the 2014 season against the Bengals, the Steelers would have gone on to win the AFC crown and setup a rematch of Super Bowl XL against Seattle. Dameshek gives the nod to the Hawks for the repeat (albeit he claims with "questionable" officiating), setting them up for a run at a three-peat.

Robert Turbin given injury settlement


This means that instead of sitting on the injured reserve all year, Turbin can wait until his settlement time period is over (likely five weeks, plus another six per NFL rules) and return to a team (perhaps the Seahawks) late in the season. He'll be a free agent in 2016.

Talking with creators of The League about Marshawn and more


A travel show with Marshawn Lynch and Taco? Now that's something we all want to see.

From Somewhere: Earl Thomas | The Players' Tribune


Video story of Earl Thomas - just a kid from Orange, TX

Bill Belichick's record should remain untarnished


The Seahawks lost to the Patriots on the final play, did Belichick know what was coming because of an unfair advantage? And if he did, does it even matter?

The NFL's most overrated teams


Could one of them be the Seahawks???


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