Shottenheimer must go


Steve Seahawks fan from Sacramento says good riddens to Shotteheimer


Seahawks scouts already have done their due diligence


"Everyone wants to focus on the top-tier guys, the first two or three rounds," Fitterer said. "The bulk of our team, and the core of our team, has come in rounds four through seven and free agency. We spend as much, if not more time, on those guys. "John takes great pride in finding those guys, and we do it as a group. That’s kind of our identity."

As Scouting Combine beckons, Seahawks scouts already have done their due diligence

A few little gems from Robert Mays of GrantLand's Week 16 "Winners & Losers" column today


"(The) Seahawks have rounded back into their terrifying selves at just the right time." "This is starting to become a holiday tradition: For the third year in a row, it’s Christmas, and the Seahawks are the scariest team in the NFC." "Michael Bennett had another great outing in a season full of them. His $16 million guaranteed already looks like a crime, and there’s an argument that he’s been the Seahawks’ best defender this season."

An oral history of Marshawn Lynch's 79-yard TD run


Defensive end Michael Bennett: "It was the best run I’ve ever seen. I felt like he was running for freedom or something. Boy, he was gone. They haven’t had a run like that since the underground railroad."

Marshawn Lynch’s 79-yard touchdown run was sick | Seahawks | The Seattle Times

Pete Carroll on Seahawks' veteran meeting


"We finally got clear on where we need to focus," Carroll explained late Wednesday afternoon. "It helped us in many ways, and the players were clear about their intentions going forward, and they spread that message. It was awesome to see the leadership take off. That's what happened here. Guys were working hard, busting their tail. But it was clear in the language in the room: The best is still out there for us."

Pete Carroll credits Seattle Seahawks' revival to crucial meeting -

Team Plane/Hotel


Does anyone know when the Hawks' flight arrives in Philly, and what hotel they're staying at? I'd love to be one of the 12's to greet them

Kenny Mayne corroborates Mike Freeman article on Seahawks' locker room divide


"Two sources — one inside the team, one outside of the underachieving 3-3 Seahawks — tell me that much of what was written in Mike Freeman’s Bleacher Report column is true," Mayne said, apparently reading from carefully-crafted prompter copy. "[Freeman] wrote of turmoil involving since-traded Percy Harvin and the quarterback Russell Wilson that led to a more widespread internal battle pitting those for Russell Wilson and those against. And Freeman surmised on his own an issue among some teammates regarding Wilson that quote, he isn’t black enough. A certain expected behavior based on color, apparently. One of the sources told me, quote, I don’t know how he got all that stuff, but it’s pretty much true. We do have a divide. We’re working on it. Thursday that notion was not presented to Wilson, but over and again, questions came about Harvin’s departure."

ESPN confirms existence of Seattle locker-room divide, in unusual way | ProFootballTalk

Sidney Rice thinks Percy Harvin trade was for the best


"I was surprised, but at the same time, it may have been the best thing for the team," Rice said. "It’s tough losing a guy like Percy. He’s one of a kind. The league has never seen a player like Percy Harvin. "But there are certain things you’ve got to do to get the ball in his hands and it’s tough. It takes away from what this team was built upon and that’s Marshawn Lynch. I think now they will get back on track. I think it will end up being the best thing for both Percy and Seattle. I’m sure there’s no bad blood."

Sidney Rice says trading Harvin was the right move - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN

Question about the Jeff Fisher Rams


Does Jeff Fisher fake us out of our jockstraps every single time we plan them ? ...or did he miss a game and have to do it twice this Sunday ?


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