Percy Harvin had support from Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin


"For as much trouble as he created at times, Harvin also had a strong base of support on the team, and several of his former teammates are upset by the trade, which does nothing to help a struggling offense in the short term this season. Even Baldwin, who fought with Harvin, was in his corner and wanted him still on the team. And particularly among hard-nosed Seahawks like running back Marshawn Lynch and key members of the defense, Harvin was very well-liked. So there could be some fallout and tension caused by his exodus."

Percy Harvin trade factors: Russell Wilson relationship, Cowboys game -

John Schneider's statement on Seahawks' trade of Percy Harvin


Seahawks GM John Schneider: "Although this was an extremely difficult decision, we are constantly evaluating our team and believe at this time, that this is in our best interest to move the team forward. We thank Percy for his efforts that contributed to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory and wish him well." - AlbertBreer: Seahawks GM Jo

Shannon Sharpe says Seahawks arent unbeatable like the '76 Steelers were...wait...what?


"...I think San Diego showed Seattle is beatable. Everybody was talking about them like they were the '76 Steelers. Are they a good football team? Absolutely. But they're beatable."-Shannon Sharpe last time I checked the 76 steelers were also very beatable, in fact, they lost 4 games in regular season then lost the AFC championship. So if we're not as unbeatable as the 76 steelers, does that mean we're going 9-7 this year???

Earl Thomas: The Seahawks are like James Brown


"It made me realize that we're different," Thomas said. "It really did, in a lot of ways. We're in sync and we're swarming the ball. We just have a different sound. It's funky and nasty; James Brown type stuff. It's very unique."

Earl Thomas says Seattle Seahawks are James Brown of NFL - ESPN

Lane out for a while


@AdamSchefter: Seahawks placed CB Jeremy Lane on IR designated for return with a groin injury, per league source.

Pete Carroll on what type of players he values


"We’re looking for gritty guys. We’re looking for guys with great passion first of all, guys that are resilient and can bounce back that have a mindfulness that they want to prove something. That’s why we talk to a lot of our guys and feel they have a chip on their shoulder. I feel the same way. There are a bunch of us that share this mentality that you always have something to prove. It doesn’t matter what you’re up against and we’re not going to care what the obstacles are. That really defines grit. We’ve found that grit is one of great indicators of people that succeed."

Pete Carroll defines the type of player he values

Seahawks and Lynch have been negotiating for four months


Via PFT: "Talks have been occurring on and off, according to the source, for four months. The Seahawks have resisted due to concerns that giving a player a new contract with two years left on his current agreement would set a bad precedent."

Seahawks, Lynch have been talking new deal for four months | ProFootballTalk

One ticket avail. for Media Day at Prudential Center, Newark


Tomorrow morning. Let me know if anyone's interested

NFL Network SEA v SF Replays


NFL Network to replay both 2013 SEA v SF games back-to-back on Tuesday starting at noon PST.

NFL Network

Let's Make It As Tough On San Francisco As Possible


Bring the noise when The Niners huddle up. Let there be no communication when they have the ball. If we expect the Hawks to leave everything they have on the field, let's leave our voices there too.