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Twelve's Company, you're on company time

Just like Percy Harvin, we're back this week, but on the mic instead of a practice field!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This week we preview last weeks matchup with the Cardinals, a game that was a full week ago. I can honestly say it was hard to remember parts of the game... which is both embarassing, and speaks to how the game went.

We vented a little bit on the continued struggles at the offensive tackle spots, gloated some about last weeks keys to the game (they were pretty much spot on), and provided a public service announcement for the 12th man.

Do not over-react when a player seems to be forgotten by Darrell Bevell.

Mike Robinson returns! Sadly though, the Real Rob Report does not.

All that plus a look ahead to Monday Night Football against the Rams! This week went a lot longer than we initially thought it would, things got packed! Don't worry, we still found time at the end for some goofing off.

Also guys, the three of us talked some and are interested in finding out if you guys would enjoy us potentially moving to a live format, with a slightly longer show (don't worry, it'd still get podcasted for listening when convenient) and the occasional guest segment. I'm tacking a poll onto the end of this post, let us know.

And as always guys, thanks for taking the time to listen. We love putting this thing together every week.

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