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Twelve's Company podcast is back for Week 5

What a weekend it was! The Hawks won the kind of game most any team wouldn't, Michael Bennett is practicing, and Andrew Luck is amazing. Stay tuned for all the details...

Last week luck was on the Seahawks side... This week? Not so much guys.
Last week luck was on the Seahawks side... This week? Not so much guys.
Sam Greenwood

Week 5 is here guys, and it's Wednesday. So as has become the norm here, I got together with Ike and Matt and talked Hawks.

Sunday's game against the Texans was probably the richest game we'll have this year in terms of talking points. Dominant Texans' front seven, broken down Seahawks line, Sherman being Sherman, Schaub being a real schlub when it counted... it was hard to stop. Add that to our newfound access to NFL's game rewind package for the three of us and you get a dangerously long look back at Seattle's comeback win in Houston this last weekend.

The Buffalo Bills play a game tonight in Cleveland, it's not the most attractive Thursday night matchup we'll see this year... but it's the only one we've got. The three of us do our best to provide some points of interest for those watching, while also crapping all over my fantasy football team.

Closing out the podcast was tough because we COULDN'T stop talking about Andrew Luck. He is quick in the pocket, has a quick release, and as Matthew reminds us... is as athletically gifted as Cam Newton. We did eventually force ourselves to move on to keys for the Seahawks going into this game, and predictions for Sunday morning.

You're cordially invited to join us on this most special adventure, our fourth of this fine season, for the week 5 edition of the Twelves Company podcast.

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