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Twelve's Company podcast, there's a Dirty Bird in our midst!

Welcome to the Twelves Company Podcast, brought to you by Field Gulls and SB Nation. It’s Thursday night and you’re better at life, so sit back and relax… you’re on Company time.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

We spend much more time this week than we probably needed to on the Bucs game, but it's always nice to look back at games that are somewhat surprising and reflect a little.

The Jonathan Martin saga down in Miami has been played out, with little new information coming out. We did want to ask the question though. Would he be a good fit on the Hawks? How likely is it? We speculate.

We offer our thoughts on when Percy Harvin might return, along with some conversation on where he ranks in terms of importance to this team moving forward.

Injury reports are covered as always.

Previewing the Atlanta game went well, with all three of us basically agreeing on what the Seahawks need to do to win the game Sunday. One of us doesn't think they'll do enough though, find out who the traitor is in this weeks episode of the Twelves Company podcast.

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