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Week 17 Twelve's Company Radio Show - Live at Noon

We'll be working with a three man crew consisting of myself, Patton Richard and Corax this week. Should be a good one!

Michael Thomas

Starting at Noon, listen in...

For the week seventeen preview we are going to have Joe McAtee - Turf Show Times resident podcaster - on to help us look forward to Sunday's matchup against the Rams. I'm going to read him an opinion I found on Facebook from a Rams fan that I have a feeling he won't like - I'm hoping we get a mini tirade out of him.

We'll likely have a visit from Field Gulls most famous editor, Danny Kelly. He'll try to talk Corax off a ledge after last week, or they'll jump off together... who knows

I want to air my thoughts on Percy Harvin, quickly though I promise.

In a last ditch effort to do something Christmas-y I'm inviting everyone to call in at (646) 716-5420 and share the worst gift they've ever received, or given to someone else. PG-13 only guys!

It's the last week of the regular season, the Seahawks are one win away from locking down homefield in the playoffs, times are good. Join in on the celebration!

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