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NFL Free Agency primer podcast with Hawkblogger

Andy Lyons

Field Gulls' Davis Hsu and Jacson Bevens joined Hawkblogger Brian Nemhauser Sunday night to discuss the upcoming free agency bonanza in an 80-minute or so podcast. Davis, Jacson, and Brian cover all their bases heading into free agency, which starts tomorrow - Davis, as usual, drops tons of useful salary cap knowledge, enlightening you to what the Seahawks' real budget is for spending this year and what kinds of things they need to do in order to ensure they can re-sign guys like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman down the road.

They talk about the merits of re-upping players like Golden Tate, re-signing guys like of Alan Branch and Jason Jones, and who the Seahawks will target in the open market. Jacson and Davis talks about why they are high on Charles Woodson, and Brian debates that. You will hear why Davis thinks another old USC connection may figure into the Seahawks free agency plans, and you'll hear a lot more.

Head on over to to give the podcast a listen.

PODCAST: 2013 Seahawks Free Agency Primer